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Our Rem Pod Bears have the same circuit as the Rem Pods. They detect static electricity around the antenna. Humans emit tiny amounts of static electricity. And spirits create much more. We have two versions, one with sound and one without. You may need a silent model to carry out EVP sessions.

This is because the models with sound from the alarm could interrupt the audio. Both bears have different sensitivity levels. The stronger the static detected, the more lights will go off. These are perfect for locations where they are known to be spirit children. Kids enjoy playing with toys and may be attracted to the teddy bear.




What do rem pods do?

The pod is a device used by ghost hunters. Its purpose is to detect static electricity and energy disturbances. It consists of a small box that emits lights and sounds. They will trigger when it detects a change in the level of static.


How do rem pods work?

A pod contains a built-in static electricity detector. And it is designed to respond to changes in static levels. When the energy levels in its environment change, it triggers. And lights and sounds on the device indicate the presence of the paranormal.


Are the pods reliable for hunting ghosts?

The effectiveness of the pods is a subject of debate. There is no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness in detecting ghosts. Or in detecting other paranormal entities. They can and do detect static electricity. But it would help if you used your judgement to find the cause of the spikes. But, many ghost hunters believe that static detector pods can be a helpful tool in investigations.


How do you use a rem pod for ghost hunting?

To use a rem pod for hunting ghosts, you would turn it on. And then you place it down in a haunted location. If there is a change in the levels of static electricity, the device will trigger. And its lights and sounds indicate the presence of paranormal activity.


Can the pods be dangerous for ghost hunters?

The pods are generally safe to use for ghost hunting. They do not emit any harmful radiation or pose any significant physical danger. However, it is essential to use them responsibly and with caution. Because they may startle or scare people who are not aware they are there.