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Para4ce NEM Master for ghost hunting
Para4ce NEM
Para4ce NEM Master for ghost hunters
Para4ce NEM Master




The Para4ce REM Master gives you a similar experience to the Rem Pod. However, you can pick one up for a fraction of the price.

It’s a small, lightweight and portable product. The Para4ce REM Master creates its electromagnetic field around the antenna. And if anything, living or dead, enters that field, the gadget will trigger. The REM device is an ideal product for detecting ghosts and spirits within the area. A static detecting device is a fundamental piece of equipment for any ghost hunters.

How does the REM Master work?

The Para4ce REM Master continually scans the energy fields encompassing the antenna. The stronger the energy influence is, the more lights on the device will illuminate. The tone of the alarm will adjust to the energy strength as well. The signals not only caution you of the presence of ghosts but also disclose the energy level of the disturbance. So, pay attention to the quantity of lights and the tone of the alert. The detection radius extends around the receiving antenna. And it’s better to ask the spirits to touch it for the best results.

It’s best to pick an area and place the REM Master down. The reason for this is that humans emanate static electricity, and you can trigger it by holding it. And it will recognize the friction-based electricity radiated from you. It does have an automated zero feature in the event you get too close to it and trigger it yourself. To avoid false positives, we recommend that you place it down and leave it. And if you do decide to move it, turn it off and on again after placing it down. Try to keep it away from other ghost-hunting equipment to avoid interference.

What is the difference between a REM MASTER and a REM POD?

The REM Master has a comparable circuit board to the Rem Pod. The Rem Pod can detect temperature as well as static. And you can turn the sensitivity of the static sensor up and down. In terms of detecting static, the Master is just as good. And the price of the device is much cheaper than the Rem Pod.

The REM Master is a lighter, more compact and portable device. It easily fits into the palm of your hand or pocket, which makes it simple to carry around all through your paranormal audits. It is less expensive than the REM Unit, which makes it a great alternative. We suggest utilizing 2 or 3 of these as you can cover different areas simultaneously. And you can then increase your odds of getting paranormal evidence.

How to use the Para4ce REM Master

It’s effortless to use. Insert a 9V square battery into the back of the unit, and then extend the antenna. Then, place it down and turn it on using the switch on the front. You can then ask for the spirits and ghosts within the area to touch the antenna on the device. If it alarms, you can then process to ask yes or no questions. Or, you can leave the device while you do other things. And, if it triggers, you know a spirit is near, and you can return to it.

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REM Master features

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Size: 5″ x 3″ x 1″ (11 cm x 6.5 cm x 2 cm)
  • Requires 1x branded alkaline 9V battery (not included)
  • The telescopic antenna is extendable and rotates 360 degrees
  • Weight: 3.6 oz (102 g)
  • 5x Super bright LED lights
  • Audible alarm, with altering tone depending on the energy level detected
  • It’s sensitive and can pick up on minor influences


Ensure you insert the 9v battery the correct way around. You can see the positive and negative symbols marked on the inside of the battery holder. If you put the battery in the wrong way around, it will damage the device. Also, there are no screws for the battery cover. The battery compartment has a hole for a screw, but the screw doesn’t come with it.

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    Linda Miller

    Read my other review, I just forgot to give these 5 stars for being so awesome and working.
    Let me say also, that when this device went off, so did my K2 meter, and I also heard some EVP’s on the audio when I played back the footage. All of this combined to verify the REM pod going off.
    I love this machine! Thanks for making a great device!

  2. Rating


    The customer service was awesome, and they responded super quickly. Brilliant device. We will definitely be buying more equipment in the future. Delivery was fast, and all items arrived well packaged, and I perfect working order.

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