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PIR Motion Triggered Sensor Light
PIR Motion Triggered Sensor Light for Ghost Hunters
PIR Motion Triggered Sensor Light for Ghost Hunting

PIR Motion Triggered Sensor Light




This Ghost Detector Motion Sensor Light alerts you when there are ghosts within the area.

What does the Ghost Detector Motion Sensor do?

The Ghost-Hunting Motion Sensor Light is a great piece of equipment that alerts you with a light. The device illuminates when it detects any paranormal activity within the area. This piece of equipment is unique as it only works in the dark or when it is almost dark, meaning you can use it on many paranormal investigations as these usually take place at night.

It has a 120-degree angle, and it can detect ghosts, spirits and paranormal entities when they are up to 16 feet away. This makes it an invaluable addition to your ghost hunting kit, as many pieces of equipment for paranormal investigation and ghost hunting have a pretty short range of use.

Once the Ghost Detector Motion Sensor Light for ghost hunting is triggered, it flashes a bright LED light that stays on for 12 seconds. It’s also a silent piece of equipment, meaning you have the choice of using it alongside other pieces of equipment on your paranormal investigation such as EVP recorders, as it won’t interfere with them.


  • Bright LED light when triggered
  • Extremely lightweight and portable
  • Easy to pack because of its square shape
  • Light and alarm lasts 12 seconds once it is triggered
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Large detection range up to 16 feet away
  • Lasts a long time on the batteries
  • Option to wall mount
  • Wireless
  • 120-degree motion-sensing area

How Does It Work?

Many people question whether motion sensors actually detect ghosts. But we believe PIR motion sensor-based sensors can detect ghosts. The Motion Sensor Light for ghost hunting works by detecting ghosts, spirits and paranormal entities which are within a 16 feet range and 120-degree angle. Then, once it detects any movement, it triggers a bright, LED flashing light.



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  1. Rating

    Corinne Bell

    This is a brilliant little light. It’s bright and it detects body heat. It has strong LEDs and a sensor that has a 360-degree span within a radius of 3 metres. I have tried it out in the dark (as it only works in the dark) and it’s a nifty little thing, lighting up a big area. So if you are ghost hunting and people come, it will go off and warn you, as well as animals and maybe even ghosts! Definitely recommend this, as it’s silent and makes zero noise, so if outside it won’t wake anyone up in the dead of the night. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around. The only thing is it does turn on in the dark, so if you put it in the box it will turn on. You can easily charge it though by putting it in the USB port of your laptop. Glad I brought this. Also, good for everyday use. I also use it for work, not just ghost investigations.

  2. Rating

    Christopher john Ashcroft

    Delivered quickly, pleased with recent purchases, will be buying more in the future.

  3. Rating

    Lynn H.

    Speedy delivery, happy customer. 😀

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