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The ghost box has become popular among people seeking to communicate with the unseen world. It's known as a spirit box as well. Some models, such as the original P-SB7, have a quiet speaker. And some may find it hard to hear voices from. Our speakers work well with the P-SB7 and amplify the voices. It makes it much easier to listen to what they are saying. As they use a 3.5 mm audio jack, they are plug-and-play. Providing they are charged up and or having fresh batteries in.




What is a ghost box speaker?

You can plug an external speaker into a spirit box to enhance the audio output. The external speaker is usually better quality than the built-in one. It's a highly recommended device that will make responses louder and clearer.


How does a spirit box speaker work?

The speaker works by replacing the built-in one in your spirit box. You plug the cable from the speaker into the headphone slot on the ghost box. The external speaker is usually louder and clearer. It allows you to hear voice responses from the spirit box better.


How do you set up a speaker with a ghost box?

To set it up, turn on the speaker. If it takes batteries, ensure they are fresh; if it's rechargeable, ensure you've charged it. Plug the 3.5 mm audio jack from the speaker into the spirit box. Once you start scanning, the output will come out through the external speaker.


Does an external speaker help get better results?

Using the speaker won't give you more responses. But it makes the ones you do get louder, clearer, and easier to hear. External speakers are usually better quality than the built-in speakers in ghost boxes.


How do you use a spirit box speaker?

Turn the speaker on and plug it into the headphone slot on your spirit box using the 3.5 mm audio cable. Then, you can start the spirit box scanning and hear responses through the external speaker.