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Shop for an Ovilus at SpiritShack! The Ovilus is a word bank, usually with a few thousand words in. Which is linked to an EMF reader which detects EMF changes. Each word in the Ovilus is linked to a different EMF reading. It's believed that ghosts can manipulate the EMF, which in turn can be used to select words to communicate with us. We have a few different types of Ovilus, we have the traditional version called the HexCom. And we have the Onvoy, which ghosts can use to choose words, numbers, emotions and more.




What is an Ovilus?

The Ovilus is a device for communicating with ghosts. The theory is spirits can manipulate the EMF around the device to select words from its built-in word database. This piece of ghost hunting equipment has over 2,000 built in words to choose from.


How does the Ovilus work?

The Ovilus has a built-in EMF meter, and each meter reading is linked to a different word in its database. When the EMF around the device changes, it picks the word linked to that reading, which is read out aloud and displayed on screen.


Where can I buy an Ovilus?

The Ovilus is manufactured by Digital Dowsing and can sometimes be found for sale on their website. Due to popular demand and short supply, they are often hard to get hold of. There are similar alternatives such as the HexCom.


Does the Ovilus work for ghost hunting?

The Ovilus works in the works in the fact that words can be chosen when the EMF meter reading changes. But is still pseudoscience if the Ovilus works for communicating with ghosts.


How much does the Ovilus cost?

The Ovilus costs around £500 in Great British pounds. Due to them being in short supply, used models often sell for more on shopping sites like eBay and Amazon.