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Shop for PIR Sensor Alarms at SpiritShack! We have a wide range of PIR Sensors for ghost hunting. They use infrared light to detect motion and work perfectly in the dark. Our PIR Motion Sensors are slightly different; some come with and without lights and sound. The 360 Motion Tracking Puck, Flux 2, and the Ghostly Music Box are our most popular sensor alarms. The 360 Tracking Puck detects motion from every direction, and the Flux 2 from 2 directions. And the Ghostly Music Box is just one, but when it's triggered, it plays a creepy tune with a red light.




What is a PIR motion sensor alarm?

A PIR sensor is known as a Passive Infrared sensor. It's often linked to an alarm that uses infrared radiation to detect movement within its range. The technology is used in security systems to detect intruders. But it may also be used in ghost hunting to detect paranormal activity.


How does a PIR alarm work?

A PIR sensor detects changes in the infrared radiation in its environment. When a person or object moves within the sensor's range, it detects and triggers the change in infrared radiation. Once triggered, a flashing light and or siren may activate. In ghost hunting, the idea is that the alarm will be triggered by a ghost or other paranormal entity moving within the sensor's range.


Can PIR sensor alarms detect ghosts?

The effectiveness of PIR motion alarms in detecting ghosts is a subject of debate. Sceptics argue that there is no scientific evidence to support the idea. And that ghosts don't emit or disturb infrared radiation. While believers claim that they have had experiences that suggest otherwise. It may depend on the user's beliefs and personal experiences.


How do you use a PIR sensor alarm for ghost hunting?

To use a PIR alarm for ghost hunting, you would set it up in a location that is believed to be haunted. And wait for paranormal activity to trigger the alarm. Some ghost hunters may use multiple PIR sensor alarms placed throughout a location. By using multiple sensors, you can detect movement from different spots at the same time.


Are PIR motion sensors dangerous for ghost hunters?

PIR motion sensor alarms are generally safe to use for ghost hunting. They do not emit harmful radiation or pose any significant physical danger. But it's vital to use them responsibly and with caution. They may startle or scare people who are unaware that they are being used.