Shop for motion tracking pucks at SpiritShack! Motion tracking pucks are designed for ghost hunting purposes. They typically use infrared light motion sensors to detect the movement of people, objects, as well as anything paranormal. The active motion tracking pucks measure the amount of light they receive, and if that alters, they are triggered. The active types emit infrared light, and then measure the amount of light which is received back. The 360° Motion Tracking Puck offers a 360 degree measurement, and the Flux 2 has one sensor on each side.

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What does the motion tracking puck do?

The 360° motion tracking puck is a 360-degree motion sensor designed for detecting ghosts. It can track more than one spirit at once, even at opposite sides of the puck. Around the perimeter is lights and motion sensors. Each sensor triggers the light above it, showing you which direction the motion was detected from.


How does the motion tracking puck work?

The tracking puck tracks motion from 360 degrees. It has multiple sensors located around the perimeter, which emit infrared beams. The beams hit walls and objects and bounce back, if anything moves in between them, it will trigger. Once triggered you will see the light above the sensor light, along with sound.


How do you use the motion tracking puck?

Place the tracking puck down and turn it on. It may take a minute or so to calibrate. Once ready, you will see a white light moving around the edge, which means its scanning. If it detects motion, you will see the light about the sensor light, as well as the sound. You can ask ghosts to step towards the device to trigger it.


Does the motion tracking puck track ghosts?

The 360° motion tracking puck has been created specifically for detecting ghosts. Once detected, the device will alert you with sound and lights.


Can I change the sensitivity on the motion tracking puck?

Yes, the sensitivity level can be increased or decreased using the dial. Turning clockwise turns it on, and turning it further increase the sensitivity level. And the opposite happens in reverse. It can cover 1–7 feet in all directions.