Shop for motion tracking pucks at SpiritShack! Motion tracking pucks are designed for ghost hunting purposes. They typically use infrared light sensors to detect the movement of people, objects, as well as anything paranormal. The active tracking pucks measure the amount of light they receive, and if that alters, they are triggered. The active types emit infrared light, and then measure the amount of light which is received back. The 360° Motion Tracking Puck offers a 360 degree measurement, and the Flux 2 has one sensor on each side.

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Nifty Ghost Busting Pucks

Don't let anyone or anything slip past you with a pocket-size motion tracking puck. This nifty piece of ghost-hunting equipment detects precise movement. They're kind of like sneaky watchdogs keeping a constant lookout for paranormal activity.

So, when will this motion puck come in handy? Picture this: You hear a whisper in an empty room and your EVP recorder captures a disembodied voice, but where did it come from? It's time to deploy your puck! Its precise movement detection can help you pinpoint the source, adding a tangible element to the chilling whisper.

The Science Behind Motion Tracking Pucks

A tracking puck is a great tool for ghost hunting that relies on basic technology, like infrared light or lasers, to detect physical movement. They work by measuring the amount of light they receive back after being emitted.

It's important to keep in mind that anything (a person, ghost or even dust) can disrupt the path of light. When this path is disrupted, it will trigger the alarm.

So, stay critical when analysing the evidence and eliminate any logical explanations before assuming an entity has set off your motion puck.

Our Tracking Pucks

Although the 360° Tracking Puck is on the pricier side, it's 100% worth it considering all its benefits. And if you want to take things a little further with your ghostly friends, you can even communicate with them using the Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device.

360° Motion Tracking Puck

This device can detect multiple spirits by using infrared lasers. If it detects even the slightest bit of movement, its lights will flash to alert you. The best part is that you don't have to point it in the direction you think the paranormal activity might be detected.

Thanks to its 360° infrared laser motion detection, it can "scan" the entire room to track movement and direction. This means that you won't need to place a bunch of other motion sensors around the room, just the motion puck in the centre of it.

Let's look at a few more things that make this motion-tracking puck great:

  • It can track the direction of entities thanks to the 360° infrared laser technology. Those sneaky spirits won't stand a chance against your new superpower.

  • Its portability and compact size make it super convenient to take along on all your ghost hunting ventures. Just a single device can replace multiple other sensors, saving space and money!

  • This motion tracker boasts accurate and quick responses. The second it detects movement, it'll let you know, so you can investigate ASAP.

  • It has a rechargeable battery, so if you bring your USB battery pack along on the ghost hunt, you'll be unstoppable.

  • There's no need to guess in what direction the paranormal activity was detected. This tracking puck will capture quality evidence. It tells you where movement occurs AND the distance.

  • Lastly, it's just a single unit, but can detect multiple spirits at a time. This is a huge step forward in ghost hunting technology.

Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device

This is a miraculous detector that can assist in entity detection as well as paranormal communication. It's certainly a piece of ghost-hunting equipment that can be considered a worthwhile investment.

It makes use of infrared laser detection, just like the 360° motion tracking puck. With all its environmental sensors, it's equipped to make communication with the unknown as easy as phoning a friend.

Here are a few more reasons you would want to bring this to your next paranormal investigation:

  • Sneaky spirits won't slip past you thanks to its fast and accurate responses. It alerts you with an audible alarm and flashing lights as soon as it detects any movement.

  • It has a sensitivity adjustment knob you can set according to the size of the room you're investigating.

  • It's lightweight and easy to carry, so ghost hunters can effortlessly bring this device to any haunted home. Just pop it into your bag with the rest of your ghost hunting equipment, and you're good to go.

  • It's a multifunctional tracking puck, seeing that it detects distance, movement and temperature.

  • The rechargeable battery is a massive plus in this device.

  • The alluring opportunity for yes/no communication makes this device hard to resist.

Communicating with ghosts

Standard motion sensors might not all have this option, but with Flux 2 you can detect and communicate with the entities hanging around your house. There are loads of other forms of ghost hunting equipment out there that can also aid in communication, but not with the same capableness of detecting multiple ghosts.

As you ask the ghost questions with your Flux 2, make sure you're clear on how the ghost can signal its answers. For example, the green light could be "yes" and the red light means "no".

Striking up a conversation with a ghost might feel unsettling at first. If you need you few ideas on how to break the ice with a spooky acquaintance, here are a few yes/no question suggestions:

  • Is there a ghost present?

  • Are you alone?

  • Did you live here when you were alive?

  • Are you happy?

  • Is there something you want us to know?

Enhance Your Ghost-Hunting Experience

A motion tracking puck is an all-in-one piece of technology, as it detects precise movement and, in the case of the Flux 2, it also allows for communication.

Paired with other devices, you can optimise your ghost-finding game and make groundbreaking discoveries.

  • EMF Meter+ Spirit Boxes: Spy on energy spikes and ghost whispers triggered by your puck's movement alerts.

  • Thermal Imaging Camera: Uncover temperature fluctuations in the direction of the motion detected by your puck.

  • Night Vision Cameras: Unveil the darkness by capturing footage at night to analyse later.

  • Ouija boards: Send chills down your spine by taking things a step further and engaging in a conversation with some spooky spirits.

  • Power banks: Never run out of power during an overnight investigation.

How A Typical Motion Sensor Works

The most common type of motion sensor that you'll find uses a passive infrared sensor (PIR). Your typical PIR motion sensor works by measuring heat signatures to detect movement. This feature is also found in motion tracking pucks, along with various other types of sensors to track movement.

Imagine two tiny, heat-sensitive sensors inside the PIR sensor. They're like little eyes, constantly measuring the amount of infrared radiation (invisible heat) coming from their surroundings. Even though it's not a full-room coverage interlocking system, PIR sensors are still handy and affordable ghost hunting tools to have.

Invest In Your Investigations

Your collection of ghost hunting equipment might be impressive, and simple PIR motion triggers are great, but it won't be complete without a motion tracking puck. Along with the audible alarm and flashing light alerts, it won't let you miss anything.

It's time to quit playing peek-a-boo with the dark. Grab your tracking puck and uncover the ghosts lurking in the shadows. This might be your chance to become the ultimate ghost hunter who can decipher the unknown with a few simple yes/no questions.



What does the motion tracking puck do?

The 360° tracking puck is a 360-degree motion sensor designed for detecting ghosts. It can track more than one spirit at once, even at opposite sides of the puck. Around the perimeter is lights and motion sensors. Each sensor triggers the light above it, showing you which direction the motion was detected from.


How does the motion tracking puck work?

The tracking puck tracks motion from 360 degrees. It has multiple sensors located around the perimeter, which emit infrared beams. The beams hit walls and objects and bounce back, if anything moves in between them, it will trigger. Once triggered you will see the light above the sensor light, along with sound.


How do you use the motion tracking puck?

Place the tracking puck down and turn it on. It may take a minute or so to calibrate. Once ready, you will see a white light moving around the edge, which means its scanning. If it detects motion, you will see the light about the sensor light, as well as the sound. You can ask ghosts to step towards the device to trigger it.


Does the motion tracking puck track ghosts?

The 360° motion tracking puck has been created specifically for detecting ghosts. Once detected, the device will alert you with sound and lights.


Can I change the sensitivity on the motion tracking puck?

Yes, the sensitivity level can be increased or decreased using the dial. Turning clockwise turns it on, and turning it further increase the sensitivity level. And the opposite happens in reverse. It can cover 1–7 feet in all directions.