Footstep Tracker 2 - Vibration Meter with Event Marker
Footstep Tracker 2 - Geophone Vibration Meter
Footstep Tracker 2
Footstep Tracker Geophone
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Footstep Tracker 2 - Vibration Meter with Event Marker
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Footstep Tracker 2: Geophone Vibration Meter


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Hearing footsteps is a common occurrence in haunted locations. As well as hearing movement and feeling vibrations within the floor. This is where the Footstep Tracker Geophone comes in really handy.

It’s an incredibly sensitive vibration sensor which will detect and record any of these occurrences. The Geophone detector will listen for the slightest little vibrations and will send the readings to the lighted displays. You can just place it down, and wait and watch for changes on the light bar.

Footstep Tracker 2: Geophone Vibration Meter

Which will show you visibly when there is something or someone moving. The stronger the motion detected; the more lights will illuminate on the Footstep Tracker Geophone. As well as this, the Footstep tracker 2 logs the number of triggered events, and it will show you the count on the LCD display.

Footstep Tracker 2 Features

  • Very sensitivity geophone sensor picks up the smallest of vibrations
  • Light bar display for showing live readings and event markers
  • Digital display showing the total events
  • Sensitivity control adjustment dial
  • Audible alert, alerting you if you are not looking at it
  • Built in rechargeable long-life battery

The Footstep Tracker 2 is designed specifically for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. It’s a very unique and effective device for detecting footsteps, movement, bangs and vibrations. With its built in, highly sensitive geophone, its able to pick up the slightest of movements even at a distance.

The Footstep tracker geophone allows for greater control, with a dial to adjust sensitivity. You can decide on the level of vibration which is required for the vibration sensor to trigger. With its sleek compact design, it allows you to place it virtually anywhere. You can place it on the floor, on the stairs, or even on a table. The light bar can be seen from 360 degrees, giving you maximum visibility on what it picks up.

This is not a cheap and cheerful geophone; it uses the same sophisticated components found in scientific seismic research equipment. Which is used to measure earthquakes and underground activity. Always be sure to check its not a teammate nearby walking around which may have triggered it, as it will pick up human movement too.

Visualise Vibrations on the Light Bar

With the Footstep Tracker 2, you can see movement and motion in real time. The Footstep Geophone boasts a unique coloured light bar. With different colours all the way up, the stronger the vibration detected, the more lights will light up.

In its detection state, you will see the red-light pulse, as its scanning for vibrations. When vibration is detected, you will see the white light move up the scale bar. Which acts like a bar graph showing you the strength of the activity.

Footstep Tracker 2 Specification

  • LED light bar display
  • Variable sensitivity dial with on and off switch
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Plug it via the USB-C cable for unlimited use
  • Audible speaker for event alerts
  • Highly sensitivity geophone sensor
  • Backlit text display for event log counter
  • Battery life: 12 hours on full charge (1 hour recharge time)
  • Made of PLA plastic and acrylic
  • Size: 7″ x 2.5″ x 2.75″
  • Geophone specs: longitudinal wave, F (Hz) 10 +/- 5%, G (V/m/s) 20 +/- 5%, Frequency (+/- 3dB) 1—1000Hz

Recording Events

Each time a vibration is detected, the device will mark the top end of the vibration reading on the light bar. And it will increase the event counter by one, which is shown on the LCD screen.

To show the strength of the vibrational reading, a coloured light on the bar will stay lit as a visual representation. Showing you exactly how strong the reading was. The colours on the Footstep Tracker 2 range from green on the low end, then yellow, orange and red on the top end of the bar.

The visual marker on the geophone will stay lit for a short time, so you don’t have to stare at it whilst its in operation. Once you hear the audible alert, you can look over at the Footstep Tracker Geophone to see the alert bar and colour level.

Event Logger and LCD Display

As events are picked up on the Footstep Tracker, it will keep track of them. There is a clearly visible text LCD display which you can read from afar. It shows you the total number of vibrations it has captured.

Each time a new event occurs, the counter will increase by one. If many vibrations are caught in a very short space of time, it will count that as one event.

If you walk past the device and it picks up a quick succession of 7 footsteps, one event will be counted. This ensures proper event tracking which will not clog up the event log with each little vibration.

Package Includes

  • Footstep Tracker 2
  • USB Cable
  • USB/Power Cable

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