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Footstep Tracker 2 - Vibration Meter with Event Marker

Footstep Tracker 2: Geophone Vibration Meter




Hearing footsteps, sensing movement, and feeling vibrations are everyday experiences in haunted places. The Footstep Tracker Geophone is invaluable for detecting and recording these events. This sensitive vibration sensor can detect the slightest movements and transmit the readings to the illuminated displays. You can monitor the light bar for any changes by placing the Geophone detector on the floor.

Footstep Tracker 2: Geophone Vibration Meter

The Footstep Tracker 2, equipped with the Geophone Vibration Meter, offers visible evidence of any movements or presence. As the motion strengthens, more lights illuminate the Footstep Tracker Geophone. Additionally, the Footstep Tracker 2 records the number of triggered events and displays the count on the LCD screen.

Footstep Tracker 2 Features

  • The geophone sensor is highly sensitive and can detect even the slightest vibrations
  • The light bar display provides real-time readings and event markers
  • The digital display shows the total number of events detected
  • The sensitivity control adjustment dial allows you to adjust the level of sensitivity
  • The device has an audible alert that sounds when you are not looking at it
  • The built-in rechargeable battery has a long lifespan

The Footstep Tracker 2 is a unique and effective device designed specifically for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. Its highly sensitive geophone can detect footsteps, movement, bangs, and vibrations, even from a distance.

With the Footstep Tracker geophone, you can control the device more. The sensitivity dial allows you to adjust the level of vibration required for the sensor to trigger. Its sleek, compact design makes it easy to place virtually anywhere, whether on the floor, stairs, or table. The light bar is visible 360 degrees, providing maximum visibility of detected vibrations.

The Footstep Tracker 2 is not a low-quality geophone; it employs the same sophisticated components in scientific seismic research equipment for detecting earthquakes and underground activity. However, it’s important to ensure that any nearby teammates aren’t causing the sensor to trigger since it can also detect human movement.



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