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Footstep Tracker 2 - Vibration Meter with Event Marker

Footstep Tracker 2: Geophone Vibration Meter



Hearing footsteps, sensing movement, and feeling vibrations are everyday experiences in haunted places. The Footstep Tracker Geophone is invaluable for detecting and recording these events. This sensitive vibration sensor can detect the slightest movements and transmit the readings to the illuminated displays. You can monitor the light bar for any changes by placing the Geophone detector on the floor.

Footstep Tracker 2: Geophone Vibration Meter

The Footstep Tracker 2, equipped with the Geophone Vibration Meter, offers visible evidence of any movements or presence. As the motion strengthens, more lights illuminate the Footstep Tracker Geophone. Additionally, the Footstep Tracker 2 records the number of triggered events and displays the count on the LCD screen.

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Footstep Tracker 2 Features

  • The geophone sensor is highly sensitive and can detect even the slightest vibrations
  • The light bar display provides real-time readings and event markers
  • The digital display shows the total number of events detected
  • The sensitivity control adjustment dial allows you to adjust the level of sensitivity
  • The device has an audible alert that sounds when you are not looking at it
  • The built-in rechargeable battery has a long lifespan

The Footstep Tracker 2 is a unique and effective device designed specifically for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. Its highly sensitive geophone can detect footsteps, movement, bangs, and vibrations, even from a distance.

With the Footstep Tracker geophone, you can control the device more. The sensitivity dial allows you to adjust the level of vibration required for the sensor to trigger. Its sleek, compact design makes it easy to place virtually anywhere, whether on the floor, stairs, or table. The light bar is visible 360 degrees, providing maximum visibility of detected vibrations.

The Footstep Tracker 2 is not a low-quality geophone; it employs the same sophisticated components in scientific seismic research equipment for detecting earthquakes and underground activity. However, it’s important to ensure that any nearby teammates aren’t causing the sensor to trigger since it can also detect human movement.

Visualize Vibrations with the Light Bar

The Footstep Tracker 2 lets you observe motion and movement in real-time. It features a unique coloured light bar that changes colours based on the strength of the vibration detected. The stronger the vibration, the more lights will light up, and you can observe it all happening. You’ll see a red light pulse in detection mode as it scans for vibrations. When vibrations are detected, the white light will move up the scale bar, which acts as a bar graph displaying the strength of the activity.

Footstep Tracker 2 Specification

  • The device features a LED light bar display.
  • It includes a variable sensitivity dial with an on and off switch.
  • The device is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • You can plug it in via the USB-C cable for unlimited use.
  • An audible speaker is included for event alerts.
  • It has a highly sensitive geophone sensor.
  • The device includes a backlit text display for the event log counter.
  • The battery life is 12 hours on a full charge with a 1-hour recharge.
  • It is made of PLA plastic and acrylic.
  • The size of the device is 7″ x 2.5″ x 2.75″.
  • The geophone specifications include longitudinal wave, F (Hz) 10 +/- 5%, G (V/m/s) 20 +/- 5%, and frequency (+/- 3dB) 1—1000Hz.

Event Recording and Visual Indicators

The Footstep Tracker 2 records every detected vibration, marking the highest point on the light bar and incrementing the event counter on the backlit LCD screen. The strength of the vibration is displayed to you by a coloured light that stays lit on the bar, allowing you to see the intensity of the reading at a glance. The colours range from green on the low end to yellow, orange, and red on the top end of the bar.

Once the geophone detects a vibration, the visual marker will stay lit briefly, allowing you to look over and see the alert bar and colour level. Additionally, an audible alert will notify you of any detected vibrations, even if you’re not directly looking at the device.

Event Logging and LCD

The Footstep Tracker keeps track of every event it detects, and you can easily monitor this on the LCD. The display shows the total number of vibrations captured by the device, allowing you to keep track of the activity in the area being monitored.

The event logger is designed to avoid counting multiple vibrations as separate events. For example, if several footsteps are detected quickly, the device will count them as a single event. Which make sure the event log clear of unnecessary data and provides an accurate record of activity in the area.

The LCD is easy to read from a distance and provides a clear and concise summary of the device’s activity. You can quickly glance at the display to see how many events have happened without needing to stop and examine the device in detail.

Package Includes

  • Footstep Tracker 2
  • USB Charger Cable

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