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Infrared Night Vision Cameras are a helpful tool for hunters. Paranormal researchers can use them to catch more evidence. Humans can only see a small portion of the range of light. We can't see Ultraviolet (UV) or Infrared light (IR). People believe spirits appear in these light ranges, which we can't see. This is where the Infrared Camera comes in handy. These converted camcorders can see the apparitions. Allowing researchers to catch more evidence during ghost hunts. People believe more paranormal activity occurs when the lights are out. The converted camera enables you to film during those hours in the dark.




How does the night vision camera work?

Standard cameras have an infrared light filter above or below the lens. This lens stops the camera from seeing infrared light. A converted camera has had this filter removed. And allows it to film in the dark with an infrared lamp.


Where can I buy a night vision camera?

We sell infrared cameras here at SpiritShack. We have one to suit every purpose, including ghost hunting, hunting, and more.


How do you make a night vision camera?

You can convert most cameras into infrared camcorders. To convert it, you need to remove the infrared filter. The filter is a thin glass or plastic screen which sits above or below the lens. The process involves dismantling the camera to get to the filter.


Why do ghost hunters use infrared video cameras?

Ghost hunters use infrared cameras for two reasons. Firstly, people believe spirits appear in the infrared light spectrum. Humans and standard cameras are not able to see this range of light. The infrared camera can see this spectrum and will pick up more spirits. Secondly, spirits come out more in the dark.


Can you see ghosts with an infrared camera?

Many claim to have captured apparitions using an infrared camera. You can find footage and evidence people have caught on the internet. However, the existence of spirits has yet to be backed by science.