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The ghost of a solider wearing a military outfit

Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

Throughout history, there have been countless sightings of ghosts. From the spirits of ancient Greeks to Civil War soldiers, most of them have one thing in common—they wear clothes. So, yes, ghosts definitely do wear clothes. This article will explore why they do and introduce you to some of the most famous ghosts and their otherworldly attire.
A man putting salt on the inside of the window to repel ghosts

Does Salt Repel Ghosts?

Have spooky sights and sounds got you up at night? Wondering what to do about an unwanted otherworldly visitor? Well, before you hire a paranormal investigator, you might want to try a humble pinch of salt. That's right—salt can repel ghosts. In fact, it's been used for this purpose for centuries.

Can Ghosts Turn On Lights?

If your lights have been turning on for no apparent reason, you may be wondering whether this is the work of a ghost. So, can ghosts turn the lights on? The simple answer is yes, they can. The more interesting questions are how, why, and how can you tell? These are the questions that we answer in this helpful guide.
A smoke alarm mounted on the ceiling

Can Ghosts Set Off Smoke Alarms?

Has your smoke alarm been going off unexpectedly with no apparent cause? Well, there are plenty of fairly boring reasons why this might be happening. However, since you've decided to visit SpiritShack, you probably suspect there's another, more otherworldly reason—and you're certainly not alone! So, can ghosts can set off smoke alarms? In this guide, we'll explore the reasons why this is indeed possible.
An old building with residual hauntings

Residual Hauntings: All You Need To Know

A residual haunting is unlike a "normal" haunting. There are no ghosts or spirits trying to reach out from beyond the veil. This type of haunting is often linked to a traumatic event from the past and can offer ghost hunters a fascinating - if somewhat upsetting - glimpse into historic events that occurred at a specific location.
A man using a thermal imager inside a home

What Are Cold Spots?

Nothing can give you a chill (literally) quite as fast as when you walk through a room or passage and the temperature suddenly drops for a few steps, only to return back to normal as you continue on. You just walked through a cold spot! But what causes these patches of cold air? Is it proof of the paranormal, or just a damp patch in the wall? Let's find out! A cold spot is "an area of localized coldness or a sudden decrease in ambient temperature.
A disembodied ghost voice

What Are Disembodied Voices?

Have you ever gone ghost hunting and heard a voice, a whisper, or laughter coming from the haunted location, even though you're alone? Terrifying. These voices coming seemingly from hidden beings in another realm are what is known as "disembodied voices". This article will delve into this phenomenon and discuss what disembodied voices are, the different types, and how you can record these hair-raising whispers during your ghost hunt.
Dead Silence monster Roblox game

9 Best Roblox Ghost Hunting Games

Roblox has completely revolutionised online gaming. This platform - where users can create and play games - has allowed a wide variety of new horror games to be developed and enjoyed. But, with about 40 million games and experiences on Roblox, which are the scariest? Join us as we uncover the 9 best scary Roblox horror games that focus on ghost hunting and finding ghouls in the dark: Dead Silence Specter Grandma It Lurks Alone in a Dark House Finders Keepers The Mimic The Haunted Imperial Hotel Paranormica Dead Silence is considered the single most scary Roblox game.
The front of a large haunted building

6 Ghost Hunting Facts

Are you an amateur ghost hunter or part of a team of expert paranormal investigators? Or are you simply curious about the world of ghosts and spirits? Whichever applies to you, you're never done learning! That's why we've compiled this list of spooky, amazing and fascinating ghost hunting facts. Apply your new-found knowledge to your next ghost hunting adventure or enthrall your friends with some fun, scary facts when you next hit the pub.
A ghost-hunter climbing into an abandoned building

Is Ghost Hunting Dangerous?

Are you interested in becoming a ghost hunter but worry about the potential risks involved? Perhaps your family and friends have told you that ghost hunting is dangerous, or maybe you have heard some truly hair-raising ghost stories about ghost hunts in your area. The truth is that the most common dangers that come with ghost hunting have nothing to do with ghosts at all! The majority of the risks have to do with the physical realm and include things like decrepit buildings and tripping in the dark.