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Shop for Haunted Dolls at SpiritShack! We have a good range of positive and negative dolls. Many have creepy face paintings to make them look a little creepier. We acquire dolls and then have our designer face paint them. Some come with a little background information on the spirits attached to them. And we sometimes need to find out what sort of activity each doll brings. This is to help you gain insight before making a purchase and to give you a heads-up on any activity.




What is a haunted doll?

A possessed doll is any doll that has associated reports of paranormal activity. This can occur if a spirit or demon follows the item and causes paranormal occurrences wherever the item resides. This is still, of course, pseudoscience.


Are haunted dolls real?

Cursed dolls have not been scientifically proven. This is because it's nearly impossible to repeat paranormal activity under strict laboratory conditions. However, thousands worldwide have reported supernatural activity after acquiring one.


What is the most cursed doll in the world?

It's a close tie between Robert the doll and Annabel the doll. Robert and Annabel are notoriously infested dolls and have both been featured in popular films and documentaries. In 1970, the Warrens investigated the haunting of Annabel. And the story of Robert dates to the early 1900s.


How do you tell if a doll is cursed?

Psychic mediums and people sensitive to energy may be able to sense if a doll has an attachment, either by touching it or being near it. You must conduct a paranormal investigation on a doll to determine if it's possessed. Research its origin and history. And use ghost-hunting equipment such as EMF meters and EVP records with it.


How do you dispose of a possessed doll?

The best way to dispose of a bewitched doll is to bury it in a remote location. We do not advise burning cursed objects. At SpiritShack, we collect possessed items and are happy to take any cursed items you no longer wish to keep.