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Haunted porcelain doll 7

Vindictive Haunted Doll Mary


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This is a haunted porcelain doll called Mary. Her vessel is a beautiful, she has long brown hair, and she’s wearing a red and white dress. She looks innocent, but don’t let her appearance fool you, she is inhabited by a negative spirit or demon. It’s hard to say, as demons can appear as spirits, and we have not had definitive proof of demonic activity.

All we know is that this doll is haunted by some form of negative entity. We have experienced scratches whilst having her, and we have heard screaming noises which awoke us from our sleep. She is capable of disrupting and breaking electrical equipment, sometimes multiple devices in one session. This doll isn’t for the faint-hearted, and can be dangerous in a beginners hands.

NOTE: Her red hat has gone missing since we acquired her, we can’t find it anywhere. It was on her head the last we saw it, and we don’t recall moving it.

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