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Shop for Touch Sensors at SpiritShack! We have many touch-activated sensors for ghost-hunting purposes. Vibration sensors get overlooked by many ghost hunters. They contain sensitive vibration sensors that detect the slightest vibration, movement or touch. We have found them to be effective for ghosts to trigger. And you can use them to answer yes/no questions. Ask the spirits to activate the device if they are there. If it triggers, you can ask more questions, like triggering the touch sensor if you are a male.




What is a touch-activated sensor?

A touch sensor is a sensor which detects vibrations, movement and acceleration. That ability allows the device to detect when it has been touched.


How do touch sensors work?

Touch activated sensors use a ceramic piezoelectric sensor or accelerometer. Most accelerometers rely on the use of the piezoelectric effect. It happens when a voltage is generated across certain types of crystals as they are stressed (disturbed).


How do vibration sensors work for ghost hunting?

Touch sensors detect vibrations, movement or touch, and the device is triggered. Once triggered, the device will alert you with lights, sound, or both. You turn the device on, place it down, and wait for the ghosts to trigger it.


Can touch detectors be used to communicate with ghosts?

While touch sensors are used to detect paranormal activity, they are not used to communicate with ghosts. Other devices, such as EVP recorders and spirit boxes, typically work better for this purpose.


Are vibration sensors reliable for paranormal research?

The reliability of touch activated sensors for ghost hunting is a subject of debate. It's a debate among ghost hunters and paranormal sleuths. Some people believe that these devices can detect paranormal activity. But others are sceptical. And believe that the readings are the result of natural phenomena.