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People have used pendulums for divination purposes for many decades. And people believe it can be used to speak with paranormal entities. The pendulum is a weighted object like a crystal fixed to the end of a chain. To use it, you hold the end of the chain and let it dangle. You should keep it steady and wait until the movement has stopped. Once it's still, you can ask spirits to move it in response to your questions. This form of divination is similar to using dowsing rods. The energy from the spirits channels through the person holding the chain.




What is a pendulum?

Pendulums are weighted objects suspended from a cord or chain. The weighted object is free to swing forwards and backwards. It may swing clockwise or counterclockwise in some cases. People use Pendulums to speak with spirits and to gain secret knowledge.


How do you use a pendulum?

Hold it steady by the end of the cord or chain, and ask your questions. You can ask the spirits to move it side to side for yes, and front to back for no. Or you can use clockwise and counterclockwise if you prefer.


How does a pendulum work?

Pendulums are a divination tool for speaking with the spirits of the dead. People believe spiritual forces are responsible for the movement of pendulums. These forces use the person's body as a channel to move the object. The purpose is to learn insights and gain answers to questions. Due to the direction limits, you would ask "yes" or "no" questions.


Can anyone use a pendulum, or does it require training or ability?

Anyone can use pendulums, and no training or ability is required. It is vital to approach pendulums with an open mind. And to be willing to explore and experiment to find what works best for you.


Is it dangerous to use a pendulum?

Using pendulums to communicate with ghosts can come with some risks. You are reaching out to the spirit world by trying to speak with the dead. And are opening a doorway to the spirit realm. It's vital to say goodbye after and to close doors you may have opened.