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LED Light Up Crystal Pendulum
Blue LED Light Up Crystal Pendulum
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LED Pendulum
Light Up Pendulum
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LED Pendulum
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LED Light Up Crystal Pendulum


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This is a one of a kind crystal pendulum which can be used for ghost hunting and communicating with paranormal entities.

What does the LED Pendulum do?

This LED Light Up Pendulum is a fun and exciting tool which can be used to communicate with paranormal entities. It is exclusive to Spirit Shack and cannot be found anywhere else. Included are batteries so that you may use the equipment straight off the bat when ghost hunting and throughout paranormal entities. It’s also incredibly small, lightweight and portable, meaning you can transport it around with your equipment with absolute ease.

The colour of the LED Light Up Crystal Pendulum changes on its own every few seconds, and is compromised of green, blue, pink, purple, yellow and orange lights. As long as the batteries are in the device, it will start to show LED lights. This means that to turn the device off, you have to simply remove the batteries from the pendulum. Or, simply unscrew it slightly so that the light turns off, and the battery will be saved for future paranormal investigations.

Light Up Pendulum features:

  • Long-chain length of 30cm
  • Glows different colours, including red, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow.
  • Batteries are included – 1x LR 626

How does the LED Light Up Pendulum work?

A pendulum is one of the most commonly used tools for communicating with paranormal entities. It has been widely used amongst the paranormal investigation community, and continues to be a simple and easy way to communicate with ghosts and spirits while getting a range of answers.

This LED Light Up Crystal Pendulum will allow you to become more in tune with your intuitive powers. It acts as a receiver and transmitter of information, and will move in different ways in response to questions that you ask of paranormal entities.

Pendulums have been used for centuries for a multitude of purposes, but most commonly is known to act as a form of receiver and transmitter of messages from paranormal entities. Many people believe that pendulums will just move as a reaction to whoever is holding the pendulums hand movements, but using one throughout a paranormal investigation will prove otherwise.

When using the Spirit Shack LED Light Up Pendulum, you are able to ask spirits and paranormal entities questions and gain more of an understanding of them through communications. Many paranormal investigators will start by asking the paranormal entity to signal certain things for yes or no, such as moving the pendulum in a certain way, but you can also leave it open-ended and ask the spirits to move it however they prefer for each answer.

How to use the LED Light Up Pendulum?

It is advised that before using this LED Crystal Pendulum, you cleanse the crystal and charge it with your own energy. The easiest way to cleanse your pendulum for dowsing is to put it on a windowsill in direct sunlight for a whole day. This will allow the crystal to catch the rays of the sun. Then, hold it in your hands for 4 to 15 minutes while sitting quietly, with your eyes closed, and focus on charging the crystal. It has also been suggested that asking spirits and paranormal entities for their support and guidance when using the pendulum. It is advised to repeat this process before each paranormal investigation.

Once your LED Light Up Crystal Pendulum is cleansed and charged, you may begin to use it by holding the end of the chain with one hand so that the crystal dangles below. It is very important that you keep your hand as steady as is possible, as this will ensure that any readings you are getting are of paranormal nature.

Once the pendulum is perfectly still, ask the spirits to show you what a “NO” is. You may do this by speaking out loud, or in your head, as you prefer. Pay attention to the movement of the pendulum, as this movement will be what the spirit has allocated for a “NO” answer to your future questions.

Once you have identified a movement, such as a circling motion or a side to side motion, repeat the process but ask the spirit what a “YES” answer would look like. Pay attention to the movement of the pendulum again, as this movement will be what the spirit has allocated for a “YES” answer to your questions.

When you have completed this process, ask the spirits whatever questions you would like. Make sure to remind the spirits to move the pendulum the same way in which they chose, as you could be communicating with different spirits each time.

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    Chelsea Simmons

    Love this LED Pendulum, just received it thank you! I will be sure to test it out later

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