Mains supply and USB cables for SLS Camera v1
SLS Camera for tracking ghosts and spirits in real time
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v1 SLS Stickman Camera Power & USB Cables


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The V1 SLS Camera Power Lead will power your SLS Stickman Camera effectively throughout your paranormal investigation.

What Does It Do?

The V1 SLS Camera Power Cable for Ghost Hunting powers your Xbox 360 Kinect SLS Stickman Camera which is a great piece of equipment for ghost hunting purposes. The SLS Stickman Camera is one of the most widely-used and popular ghost-hunting devices available. It allows you to detect spirits and entities which aren’t visible to the human eye and record your findings in order to look back on them and analyze them later.

The V1 SLS Stickman Camera works by emitting a large amount of infrared beams. If a figure breaks these beams at all, then the camera works by using the break in the beams to build a visible image of the figure. Because the SLS Stickman Camera is designed to be used by the Xbox 360, it works by identifying human joints (skeletal recognition) and body-shaped figures, which can be translated into informing your ghost hunting investigation because you can see the rough size, shape, and direction the spirit is moving in.

This power cable allows you to power the V1 SLS Stickman Camera. It might be worth purchasing multiple power cables so that you have a spare if anything happens to one throughout your paranormal investigation when ghost hunting or if one begins to be faulty, as power cables occasionally do. This listing is just for the Stickman Camera Power and USB Cable. If you require a tablet, camera or the software that goes with it, please check out our other listings to purchase them in a package or individually.

Main Features:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to pack, highly portable
  • Skeletal recognition (SLS Stickman Camera)
  • Facial recognition
  • Facial replacement
  • IR Nightvision Camera
  • Depth camera

How Does It Work?

The SLS Stickman Camera is one of the most popular pieces of equipment for ghost hunting, and for good reason. It is highly-sophisticated and usually gets pretty conclusive evidence of paranormal activity when used correctly and in an environment where it is known that there is paranormal activity.

SLS Stickman Cameras work by sending out infrared beams and translating this back into a visible image. This works especially well as the software that works alongside the SLS Stickman Camera is created specifically for identifying the movements of bodies, and more particularly, skeletons. This is because the software is developed for the Xbox Kinect, and therefore tracks the movement of people.

The camera used alongside the correct software and tablet allows you to see the movement and rough shape and size of paranormal entities, including which direction they are moving in or how they are moving. This leads to a greater insight into the paranormal activity happening in the environment, and you are able to gain a greater understanding of possibly what the paranormal entities once were.

SLS Stands for Structured Light Sensor, which basically means that it has the ability to track skeletal movement. Because of its intended use for the Xbox Kinect, it can pick up paranormal entities shaped like humans, and even faces.

Using an SLS Stickman Camera throughout your paranormal investigation means that you are aware that you are in the presence of a spirit that may have once been human, and you will be able to see it on your tablet moving around.

What’s Included
  • V1 SLS Stickman Camera Power and USB Cable
What You Will Need
  • V1 SLS Stickman Camera
  • 1 SLS Stickman Software
  • Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet
How To Use It:

In order to use the V1 SLS Camera Power Lead, simply plug it into your V1 SLS Stickman Camera for ghost hunting. When the camera is on and connected to your tablet and software, you will be able to start using it. Since the camera picks up both paranormal and human activity, it is important to let the other members of your team aware of the direction in which it is pointing, so that they don’t accidentally walk in front of it.

Since the SLS Stickman Camera works using infrared light, you can use it both in both light and dark environments. In order to prompt paranormal activity when ghost hunting and get the most conclusive evidence on your SLS Stickman Camera, you may want to ask questions into the environment such as “is there anyone here who wishes to communicate?”

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    Cameron Ward

    I bought a replacement SLS camera power cable as mine was faulty. Delivery was fast and it’s got me back up and running. Thank you SpiritShack!

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