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Shop for Infrasound Generators at SpiritShack! Infrasound generators are speakers which are designed to beat at 1-20Hz. Infrasound is a low frequency sound. Many believe it's the range in which negative spirits and demons vibrate at. Many haunted locations are found to give off low vibrational sounds. It’s unknown where the sound comes from. It could be the earth, or it could be the paranormal entities. It's believed that by mimicking the ultra-low frequency (ULF), it will attract negative demons.



What is an infrasound generator?

The infrasound generator is a device which creates subsonic sound. These sounds are below the lower limit of the human hearing range. It consists of a high-quality speaker which can beat slow without damage. Companies do not design normal speakers for this purpose.


What is infrasound?

Infrasound is sound waves which beat below the lower limit of our hearing range. Typically, in the 1-20Hz range. Depending on how the sound's created, and the depth and sound level of the waves. On odd occasions humans can hear low-frequency sound.


How can you use subsonic sound generator in ghost hunting?

In extreme paranormal haunting cases, paranormal teams captured infrasound. And there was no explanation for these sounds. The end equipment which is needed to measure this brought the results to light. It's theorized that negative ghosts are lower vibrational entities. And that these low vibration entities are drawn to subsonic sound.


How does low-frequency sound affect humans?

Prolonged expose to infrasound has many negative effects on humans. Such as bowel movements, fear, vertigo, imbalance, nausea, vomiting and more. This may all occur without explanation. And the low-frequency sound may be inaudible.


How does infrasound fit into paranormal?

Infrasound been documented in a few extreme paranormal haunting cases. Experts found these strange sounds being emitted without explanation. Experts used high-end sound measuring equipment to bring this to light. Researchers believe that negative spirits and demons are lower vibrational beings. And that they may be drawn to infrasound. This is why paranormal investigators use ultra-low frequency (ULF) sound generators.