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Motion-triggered devices are used by paranormal investigators for paranormal research. Movement-activated devices can be used to detect the presence of spirits and entities. Or they can be used to communicate if the spirits are willing and can do so. One of the popular movement-triggered devices is the flashing cat balls. They flash on and off for around 10 seconds after being touched. You can place several on the floor and ask the spirits to touch one of them; if they do, you know they are there and are intelligent. You can then start asking YES and NO questions.




What are motion-triggered ghost-hunting products?

Our movement-triggered products have built-in PIR motion sensors which detect the movement of objects, people, animals, and spirits.


Do motion-activated ghost-hunting products work?

Motion-activated ghost-hunting products detect things we cannot see, such as spirits and entities. They use infrared waves that bounce off the room's walls and objects and return to the sensor. Which sounds the alarm if movement is detected.


How to use movement-triggered ghost-hunting products.

You turn the device on and set it down for many of our motion sensors. And if movement is detected, it will alert you with sound, lights, or both. If the device is not picking anything up, ask the spirits to move before it and try to trigger it.


Which is the best motion-detection ghost-hunting product?

It depends on your situation and what you want to achieve. If you want to use movement to communicate, the Flux 2 would be the best choice. If you want to detect or interact with spirit children, the ghost-hunting robot would be better.


Can motion-activated products detect ghosts?

While not backed up with scientific evidence, it is believed they can; motion-triggered sensors are often activated unexplainable in haunted locations.