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Para4ce Shadow Master


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The Para4ce Shadow Master will help give you confirmation about the shadow your saw from the corner of your eye. It’s a must have for any paranormal investigator as its completely unique. The advanced light level sensor is fully adjustable and can detect even the slightest shadow passing it. It’s that sensitive it can detect shadows that the human eyes can’t. Once the Para4ce SHADOW MASTER picks up on a shadow it will alert you with a bright light and a sound. This way you will never miss a shadow apparition again even if you don’t see it yourself.

On the front of the Shadow Master there is an adjustable dial. This allows you to change the sensitivity of the sensor. You can make it as sensitive as you need it. This makes it the perfect ghost hunting shadow detector, and it’s the first device of its kind. We have not seen this type of detection mechanism in the field before, and it works incredibly well.

How does the Para4ce Shadow Master work?

The Shadow Master works using the light level sensor on the front of the device. It monitors the light level and triggers you with a light and sound if it changes. The theory is that a shadow figure or apparition moving Infront of the device will alter the light level. Which allows the SHADOW MASTER to detect it and alert you. It comes with a dial to turn the sensitivity up and down giving your complete control.

How to use the SHADOW MASTER:

Its best to place the Para4ce Shadow Master down and leave it, so pick a location where you think you’re more likely to catch something. Like a corridor or stairwell. If you walk around with it in your hand every time you move it the light sensor will trigger and will give you false readings. Ensure you have put the 9v battery in the right way around, and turn on the unit. Adjust the sensitivity until the unit stops beeping. You can walk in front of the Shadow Master to test its working, and you can adjust the sensitivity using the dial on the front if again if required.

Shadow Master features:

  • Bright Red LED Light
  • Audible Alarm
  • Sensitivity Dial
  • Power: Use a brand name 9V battery (not included)
  • Dimensions: 11cm L x 7cm W x 2cm H)
  • Weight: 106g
  • Made in USA
Shadow Master tips and tricks:

The Shadow Master will not work in completely darkness it will need some light to operate as it measures changes in light levels. The light level has to be steady, to avoid false positives. If you shine a light in front of the shadow master it will trigger it so bear that in mind. It is not recommended that you use the Shadow Master outdoors as changes in daylight, and shadows created by clouds will trigger it. Using the Para4ce SHADOW MASTER in doors with a stable light level will give you accurate results, once you have used it a few times you will understand how it works and will soon be catching shadows and apparitions.

      Ensure you put the 9v battery in the correct way around: Check the + and – terminals on the battery and ensure you put the battery in the right way around. If you put the battery in the wrong way around it will blow the circuit and will break the device.
      There are no screws for the battery lid: The battery compartment comes with a hole for a screw, but no screws are not needed at all.
      Don’t use the Para4ce Shadow Master outdoors: The reason for this is because the sensor detects changes in light levels, and due to clouds and the light level from the sun changing it will keep giving you false readings.
      Adjust the sensitivity level for best results: Turning the sensitivity dial clockwise will turn the sensitivity down. Turning it anti clockwise will make it more sensitive. It’s advised to turn it all the way anticlockwise, then slowly turn it clockwise until it stops beeping.
Using the Para4ce Shadow Master to communicate with spirits

You can use the Shadow Master to communicate with ghosts and spirits if they are willing. To do this wait until it’s been triggered, and you know a spirit or ghost is close. You can then ask yes or no questions… Such as, trigger the device again if you are female. Or trigger the device again if you are happy with us being here. You can turn the sensitivity level up slightly to make it easier for them to trigger it and communicate.


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