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Side view of the Para4ce Master
The Para4ce Shadow Master in action, in the dark
The shadow ghost tracker lit up in the dark
The back of the device
The shadow tracker from the side
Para4ce Shadow Master for ghost-hunting

Para4ce Shadow Master



The Para4ce Shadow Master will help give you affirmation about the shadow you saw from the edge of your eye. It is an absolute necessity to have for any paranormal investigator, as it’s totally exceptional. The high-level light level sensor is completely movable and can recognize even the smallest shadow passing it.

It’s that delicate, it can identify shadows that the natural eyes can’t. When the Para4ce SHADOW Expert gets on a shadow, it will alert you with a bright light and a sound. This way, you won’t ever miss a shadow ghost again, regardless of whether you don’t see it yourself.

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On the front of the Shadow Master there is a movable dial. This permits you to change the sensitivity of the sensor. You can make it as sensitive as you need it. This makes it the ideal ghost hunting shadow indicator, and it’s the main gadget of its sort. We have not seen this kind of discovery component in the field previously, and it works extraordinarily well.

How does it work?

The Shadow Master works utilizing the light level sensor on the facade of the gadget. It screens the light level and triggers you with a light and sound if it changes. The hypothesis is that a shadow figure or spectre moving In front of the gadget will modify the light level. Which permits the device to recognize it and alarm you. It accompanies a dial to turn the sensitivity up or down, giving you total control.

How to use it

It’s best to put the Para4ce Shadow Expert down and leave it, so pick an area where you believe you’re bound to find something. Like a passageway or flight of stairs. On the off chance that you stroll around with it in your grasp, each time you move it, the light sensor will trigger and will give you false readings. Guarantee you have placed the 9v battery in the correct manner around, and turn on the unit. Change the sensitivity until the unit quits signalling. You can stroll before the Shadow Master to test its working, and you can change the sensitivity utilizing the dial on the front assuming again if required.

Shadow Master expert tips and tricks

The Shadow Expert won’t work in totally obscurity, it will require some light to work as it estimates changes in light levels. The light level must be consistent, to keep away from false positives. If you focus a light before the device, it will trigger it, so remember that. It isn’t suggested that you utilize the device outside as changes in sunlight, and shadows made by mists will trigger it. Utilizing the Para4cemaster in entryways with a steady light level will give you exact outcomes, whenever you have utilized it a couple of times, you will see how it functions and will before long be getting shadows and apparitions.

Speak with spirits with the Para4ce Shadow Master

You can utilize the Shadow Master to communicate with ghosts and spirits if they are willing. To accomplish this, stand by until it’s been set off, and you know a ghosts and spirits are close. You would then be able to pose yes or no inquiries, For example, trigger the gadget again on the off chance that you are female. Or then again trigger the gadget again on the off chance that you are content with us being here. You can turn the sensitivity level up somewhat to make it simpler for them to trigger it and communicate.


  • Ensure you put the 9v battery in the right manner around: Check the + and – terminals on the battery and guarantee you put the battery in the correct manner around. If you put the battery in the incorrect manner around, it will blow the circuit and will break the device.
  • There are no screws for the battery lid: The battery compartment accompanies an opening for a screw, however no screws are required at all.
  • Don’t utilize the Para4ce Shadow master outside: The justification for this is because the sensor recognizes changes in light levels, and because of mists and the light level from the sun transforming, it will continue to give you false readings.
  • Adjust the sensitivity level for best outcomes: Turning the sensitivity dial clockwise will turn the sensitivity down. Turning it hostile to clockwise will make it more delicate. It’s encouraged to turn it as far as possible anticlockwise, at that point gradually turn it clockwise until it stops beeping.


  • Bright Red LED Light
  • Dimensions: 11 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm)
  • Audible Alarm
  • Sensitivity Dial
  • Power: Utilize a brand name 9V battery (not included)
  • Weight: 106 g
  • Made in USA

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    Tulisa Jackson

    Love the shadow master! It worked well on our first investigation with it.

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