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Para4ce Spirit Pod
Para4ce SpiritPod
Para4ce Spirit Pod for ghost hunting
Para4ce SpiritPod for ghost hunters

Para4ce Spirit Pod



The Para4ce Spirit Pod is a committed Spirit detector for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. The Para4ce SpiritPod alarms you when a ghost or Spirit is recognized, it does this with sound and visual cautions. The sound tone and volume change contingent upon the closeness and strength of the heavenly presence. The amount of lights will change also relying upon those variables too.

How does the Para4ce Spirit Pod work?

The Para4ce SpiritPod is like the Rem Pod, it makes it on electromagnetic field around the antenna. Also, screens this field for anything entering it or making unsettling influences it. On the off chance that any ghost, spirit or entity approaches or attempts to utilize or change the energy you will be modified with lights and sound.

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The Spirit Pod has four distinct scopes of recognition. Which tells you how close and solid the presence is. If a slight unsettling influence is recognized just one light will illuminate, and the sound tone will be very high. On the off chance that the maximum unsettling influence is reached all 4 lights will illuminate, and the tone will be very high.

The SpiritPod has a consistent blue light enlightened, so you can see where it is uninformed, which is very helpful and stops anyone inadvertently remaining on it. The third capacity is this light is it may get the spirit’s attention, and them may go nearer to it to perceive what it is. This is clearly what you need as you need to know when they are there.

How to utilize the SpiritPod:

You should guarantee to place another 9v square battery into the case to get the best outcomes. Over the long haul the voltage of the battery will drop as the battery channels, and it will turn out to be less sensitive. Whenever you have placed another battery in the Para4ce SpiritPod, turn the power switch on. You will see the blue light come on.

The Spirit Pod will adjust when it is turned on and will zero itself to its environmental factors. You can put it on the floor, a table or a stand. It is not suggested you stroll around with it while being used. When set down you can sit tight for something paranormal to trigger it. When you see the lights illuminate, or hear the sound trigger, you will realize it’s been triggered.

You can simply leave it while you do different things like a spirit box or EVP session. Or then again you can request that the spirits come over and attempt to trigger the Spirit Pod. Continuously be polite to spirits and ghosts as they will be bound to help and complete your requests. Whenever it has been set off, and you realize something is there, you can utilize the unit to ask yes/no inquiries. Like please turn one 1 light for yes, and 2 lights for no.

Para4ce SpiritPod features:

  • Automatic adjustment when you turn it on
  • Tripod mountable with a standard ¼ thread
  • 4 Hued LED lights
  • Constant blue light to identify unit in dark
  • Audio alerts
  • Power: 9V square battery (not included)
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Made in the USA!
More Information

There are no screws for the battery lid. There is a screw opening, yet the screw isn’t required, the cover will remain on without it.

Always be conscious during your paranormal examinations. Spirits were living individuals initially, and still have through and through freedom and feelings. In the event that you approach them with respect, they will more likely be bound to communicate with you and trigger your equipment.

It is up to the client to decide whether readings got by the Para4ce Spirit Pod are insightful or on the off chance that they are arbitrary. Simply remember there can at times be a consistent and sane clarification in regard to why it was set off, and it’s not generally paranormal.

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