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The Para4ce Spirit Pod is a dedicated ghost detector designed specifically for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. The Para4ce SpiritPod alerts you when a ghost or spirit is detected, it does this with audio and visual alerts. The audio tone and volume change depending on the proximity and strength of the supernatural presence. The quantity of lights will change as well depending on those factors too.

How does the Para4ce Spirit Pod work?

The Para4ce SpiritPod is similar to the Rem Pod, it creates it on electromagnetic field around the antenna. And monitors this field for anything entering it or causing disturbances to it. If any ghost, spirit or entity comes close or tries to use or change the energy you will be altered with lights and sound.

The Spirit Pod has four different ranges of detection. Which lets you know how close and strong the presence is. If a slight disturbance is detected only one light will light up and the sound tone will be quite high. If the maximum disturbance is reached all 4 lights will light up and the tone will be very high.

The SpiritPod has a constant blue light illuminated so you can see where it is in the dark, which is quite handy and stops anybody accidentally standing on it. The 3rd function is this light is it might catch the spirits attention, and them may go closer to it to see what it is. This is obviously what you want as you want to know when they are there.

How to use the SpiritPod:

You will need to ensure to put a new 9v square battery into the pod to get the best results. Over time the voltage of the battery will drop as the battery drains and it will become less sensitive. Once you have put a new battery in the Para4ce SpiritPod, turn the power switch on. You will see the blue light come on.

The Spirit Pod will calibrate when it’s turned on, and will zero itself to its surroundings. You can place it on the floor, a table or a tripod. It’s not recommended you walk around with it whilst in use. Once placed down you can wait for something paranormal to trigger it. Once you see the lights light up, or hear the sound trigger, you will know it’s been triggered.

You can just leave it whilst you do other things like a spirit box or EVP session. Or you can ask the spirits to come over and try to trigger the Spirit Pod. Always be polite to spirits and ghosts as they will be more likely to help and carry out your requests. Once it has been triggered and you know something is there, you can use the pod to ask yes/no questions. Like please turn one 1 light for yes, and 2 lights for no.

Para4ce SPIRITPOD features:

  • Automatic calibration when you turn it on
  • Tripod mountable with a standard ¼ thread
  • 4 Coloured LED lights
  • Constant blue light to detect unit in dark
  • Audio alerts
  • Power: 9V square battery (not included)
  • Made in the USA!
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
More Information

There are no screws for the battery lid. There is a screw hole but the screw isn’t needed, the lid will stay on without it.

Always be respectful during your paranormal investigations. Spirits were living people originally, and still have free will and opinions. If you treat them with respect, they will be more likely to attempt to communicate with your and trigger your equipment.

Its up to the user to determine if readings picked up by the Para4ce Spirit Pod are intelligent or if they are random. Just bear in mind there can sometimes be a logical and rational explanation as to why it was triggered, and it’s not always paranormal.


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