Walkie Talkies are handy for paranormal investigators. More so if you work with other groups. You may have to split up from your group if you cover a large area. It can be unsafe during a lone vigil in the dark in a new location. Access to a walkie-talkie where you can push a button and talk is vital. And could allow you to catch more evidence of paranormal activity. You can catch more due to being able to coordinate with your group. They can help keep your team safe as well in dangerous locations. Examples include derelict buildings or dark places with trip hazards.

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What are walkie-talkies?

Two-way radios are handheld devices allowing people to talk to each other over short distances. Without the need for a phone or network connection. They use radio waves to transmit and receive audio signals.


What should I look for when choosing a walkie-talkie?

When choosing a walkie-talkie, consider the range, battery life, durability, and ease of use. And make sure the two-way radios you choose are compatible with each other. It's vital to check the radios work together if you have more than two.


How do I use two-way radios?

Using two-way radios is simple. To talk with another person, turn on the walkie-talkie. Then select the same channel or frequency. And press the push-to-talk button to speak. Release the button to listen to the other person's response.


What is the range of a walkie-talkie?

The range of two-way radios can vary. Depending on factors such as terrain, obstructions, and weather conditions. In general, most walkie-talkies have a range of 1–2 miles in open terrain. While more powerful models may have a range of up to 20 miles. Or more in ideal conditions.


Why do you recommend walkie-talkies for ghost hunters?

Many ghost hunts occur in old and abandoned buildings. In these places, conditions may not be safe. If splitting up into groups, we recommend keeping two-way radios. Keep them to hand should any accident occur. You can check in with other team members if you hear noises from other areas. It allows you to see if it was them or not.