Two way radio walkie talkies for communicating with team members on ghost hunts
Long range walkie talkies for communicating with team members on paranormal investigations
Two way radio walkie talkies for communicating with team members on ghost hunts
Walkie Talkies

Long Range Walkie Talkies


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These Walkie Talkies are an excellent piece of equipment to communicate with your team throughout a paranormal investigation.

What Does It Do?

These Long Range Walkie Talkies (also known as handheld transceiver radios) are great for keeping in touch with other paranormal investigators while ghost hunting. They have an extremely generous range of up to 1km, and even 3km in an open field which can be handy if you are conducting your paranormal investigation outdoors.

Paranormal investigations can take many twists and turns, and is extremely handy to keep in touch with other investigators throughout to ensure safety. Two-way radios like these are essential for ghost hunting, especially if you are working in a large group or with different groups of people split up throughout an area.

Walkie Talkies for ghost hunting make communication much quicker and more convenient. You are able to talk to anyone within a 3km range who also has a walkie talkie with just the push of a button, which is much faster than trying to call them on a radio or trying to find them, especially if the area of your paranormal investigation is quite large.

These Long Range Walkie Talkies come in a pair of 2 radios, but if you purchase another pair, simply switch them all to the same station in order to connect them all together and talk to everyone who has one.

Walkie Talkie specification:

  • Frequency Band: UHF
  • Model: T-388
  • Type: Portable/Handheld
  • Color: Black
  • Frequency: 400-470 MHz
  • Weight: Approx. 176g
  • Communication Range: 3 km
  • Batteries: 4x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Modulation Type: FM-F3E
  • Channel Spacing: 12,5/25 kHz
  • Number of Channels: 22
  • Voltage: 5v
  • Power: 0.5W


  • DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
  • Built in flashlight
  • Earphone/headphone port
  • Loudspeaker
  • Backlit display
  • 3km range

How do the Walkie Talkies work?

Walkie Talkies are built with ease of use at the forefront of their design, and these Spirit Shack Walkie Talkies for ghost hunting are extremely simple and easy to use. Simply load them up with 4 AAA batteries and begin using them for communication amongst your team.

When on and on the same channel, a number of different walkie talkies can be connected and used throughout the paranormal investigation. This keeps everyone in the loop and updated with what is happening. Furthermore, walkie talkies produce their own signals and therefore work in remote locations where you may not receive phone service.

These Walkie Talkies are the perfect small and portable size for use both indoors and outdoors, simply attach it to your belt or put it in your pocket and you will be able to communicate with your team whenever you please.

Whats included:
  • 2x Walkie Talkies
  • 1x User Manual
How to use the walkie talkies:
  1. Install the batteries
  2. Press the power button to power it up
  3. Check they are on the same station
  4. Hold down the talk button to speak

Before using these Spirit Shack Walkie Talkies on a paranormal investigation, make sure you have put fresh batteries in each one to ensure they last the entirety of the paranormal investigation. It is a good idea to bring spare AAA batteries with you. On your investigation to ensure none of your devices run out so that you are left in the dark.

Decide who will take each walkie talkie but conferring with your team about where they will be throughout the paranormal investigation. If you have a large team of over 2 people, it is a good idea to purchase multiple Spirit Shack Long Range Walkie Talkies for ghost hunting so that everyone involved in the paranormal investigation has one on them.

Easily connect all of your walkie talkies together by turning them on, and set them to the same channel. These Spirit Shack Walkie Talkies also let you adjust the volume, so turn it up depending on your environment/the known paranormal activity within your area. Once you have all of the walkie talkies on the same channel and connected, make sure everyone keeps the walkie talkie on their person.

If someones gets disconnected throughout the investigation or if you are connecting your Spirit Shack Long Range Walkie Talkies to a different groups walkie talkies, simply press the “scan” button which will scan the frequency in order to land on the same channel as the other walkie talkies.

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  1. Harley Newton

    Amazing radios they work really well and save us time making phone calls all night. I would recommend these to any team if you don’t have them.