Shop for a Motion Sensor Detector at SpiritShack! We have an extensive range of motion sensor detectors with various sensors. Activity Sensors are designed to detect the movement of ghosts. This can be done using different methods. There’s IR detection, vibration detection, temperature, and light changes. We always recommend using a variety of sensors; the main one is the passive infrared sensor. Instead of using three IR detectors, try one device which monitors IR, one for vibration and one for temperate. Detecting ghosts using multiple methods is always more effective.

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Detector The Unseen

Are you looking to purchase a reliable motion detector for all your ghost hunting adventures? Here at SpiritShack, you'll find exactly what you are looking for and more. Our motion sensors are designed to alert you whenever they detect the presence of a spirit or any other paranormal activity.

Most of our motion sensors make use of passive infrared technology to detect body heat and temperature changes. They are easy to use, highly reliable, and can be delivered directly to your door!

How Does PIR Technology Detect Ghosts?

PIR sensors work by detecting infrared radiation, otherwise known as radiation heat. This radiation heat is emitted by humans, animals, and even spirits.

If any sort of energy gets close to the sensor, you will be alerted immediately. When using this technology to look for ghosts and spirits, it's best to adjust the sensitivity of the senses so that they pick up on the smallest movements and temperature shifts.

Many well-known ghost hunters say that they can detect the energy emitted by ghosts by using reliable PIR sensors.

Motion Detector Applications

Do you have a security system or any smart home appliances? If so, you probably already own some form of detector. Thanks to their innovative PIR technology, sensors are used in alarm systems, automatic lights, smartphone apps, and more.

At SpiritShack, our motion detectors are especially suited for ghost hunting adventures. Our devices can be used to detect the movement of spirits and other paranormal entities. When activated, the device will flash or set off an alarm.

What Are the Most Popular Motion Sensor Detectors at SpiritShack?

At SpiritShack, we have over a dozen different sensors, with one of our most popular products being the Para4ce Shadow Master. This compact device is praised for its simple features and is used by ghost hunters around the world.

Another one of our most popular products is the PIR Motion Triggered Sensor Light. This is an affordable sensor that you can put up all over your home or haunted location.

Motion Sensor Detector Features

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Passive infrared technology works both indoors and outdoors. This is why it is so commonly found in alarm systems. So, whether you are exploring a graveyard or a haunted house, you should always take your movement detector along with you.

Charging methods

At SpiritShack, we offer battery-operated motion sensors and sensors that are charged using electricity. No matter your preference, you'll find the ideal device in our online catalogue. All charging information is listed in the product description.

Various alerts

Whenever your sensors are activated and movement is detected, your device will alert you. Sometimes these alerts come in the form of flashing lights. Some sensors may even sound off an alarm whenever moving objects are detected. Some devices offer both options.

We even have a detector that plays spooky music whenever an object triggers its sensors. The type of alert will play a significant role in how much you enjoy using your detector, so choose carefully.

How To Choose The Right Motion Detector For You

With so many different types of sensors to choose from, making the right choice can be challenging. A few factors that you should take into consideration include:

  • How you intend to use the motion detector

  • Where you intend to use the motion sensor

  • Your budget

  • The size and shape of the sensor

  • The type of alarm system

  • Whether it uses PIR

Motion Detectors: The Perfect Ghost Hunting Devices

Have you ever been on a ghost hunting expedition and felt like you may have seen a moving object but couldn't be sure? With a movement detector, there is no longer any uncertainty. You'll be alerted to any movement by reliable indicators.

A motion detector is an essential part of any ghost hunting kit, but there are a few other devices you may want to invest in too. Some of the most common pieces of equipment used by ghost hunters include EDI meters, EMF meters, ghost hunting lights, infrared cameras, light sensors, and thermal imaging cameras.

Tips For Using Your New Sensor

Before you begin using your new device, you should read through all the instructions provided. Next, you want to make sure your sensor is fully charged by inserting a new battery or charging it via a charging cable.

When using your movement sensor, you need to stand behind it so that your movement does not trigger the PIR technology. You may also want to adjust how sensitive the sensor is by trying out different settings. Just keep in mind that some sensors may only come with one setting.

Why Buy Your Motion Detector From SpiritShack

When looking to purchase a motion sensor in the UK, you have dozens of different companies to choose from. So why go with SpiritShack?

Firstly, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality motion detectors. Whether you are looking for a sensor with an infrared beam or a sensor that's integrated into an alarm system, you have a wide variety of choices available.

Secondly, we offer excellent customer service. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have about our products. We are very passionate about our ghost hunting gear and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Thirdly, we provide you with a convenient online shopping experience. You'll enjoy an easy-to-use platform, secure payment methods, and delivery directly to your house or place of work. What more could you ask for?

Offering a wide range of motion detectors

We understand that our clients all have their own unique needs and preferences. That's why we aim to offer a wide range of motion detection products at varying price points. While our movement sensors use different technologies, the most popular type is passive infrared (PIR).

Whether you are looking for a compact device or a motion detector disguised as a bear — we have it all! We even offer a motion-detection trip wire that you can set up anywhere in your house. The selection we offer at SpiritShack is one of the best online.

Take your time when browsing our various motion-detection products and browse the different types of technologies available. We are sure that you will find the perfect sensor for your needs.

Motion Sensors And So Much More

You may have come to SpiritShack looking for the perfect motion detector, but we offer so much more than that. Our online catalogue is home to a diverse range of exciting ghost hunting products. For example, we stock Ouija board games, pendulums, REM pods, RF meters, and more.

When you buy your ghost hunting gear from SpiritShack, you'll enjoy excellent customer service, high-quality products, and delivery to your door.



How does a motion sensor detector work?

The movement sensor sends out infrared or ultrasonic beams. The beams bounce off the wall and all the objects in the room back to the detector. And if anything moves in front of those beams, the alarm is triggered. This includes everything, including humans, animals and falling objects.


Can a motion detector see ghosts?

It has not been scientifically proven that activity sensors can see ghosts. However, activity sensors often trigger in haunted locations without any explanation. So it's possible, but the practice is still considered pseudoscience.


Why do ghost hunters use motion sensors?

Motion sensors are ideal for ghost hunters, as you can place multiple sensors in different areas. And if triggered, you can head towards the sound of the alarm and investigate further. Motion sensors trigger for no explanation in known haunted locations.


Which is the best movement sensor?

The best ghost-hunting motion sensors are the 360° Tracking Puck and the Flux 2. The 360 pucks are designed for detecting in 360 degrees, with adjustable sensitivity. The Flux 2 is designed for communicating with spirits to answer yes and no question.


Do I need more than one proximity sensor?

We advise using multiple sensors if you are investigating a large area or premises. You can place different sensors in different places to cover more ground. You can do just fine with one if it's a small location.