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Shop for a Motion Sensor Detector at SpiritShack! We have an extensive range of motion sensor detectors with various sensors. Activity Sensors are designed to detect the movement of ghosts. This can be done using different methods. There's IR detection, vibration detection, temperature, and light changes. We always recommend using a variety of sensors; the main one is the passive infrared sensor. Instead of using three IR detectors, try one device which monitors IR, one for vibration and one for temperate. Detecting ghosts using multiple methods is always more effective.




How does a motion sensor detector work?

The movement sensor sends out infrared or ultrasonic beams. The beams bounce off the wall and all the objects in the room back to the detector. And if anything moves in front of those beams, the alarm is triggered. This includes everything, including humans, animals and falling objects.


Can a motion detector see ghosts?

It has not been scientifically proven that activity sensors can see ghosts. However, activity sensors often trigger in haunted locations without any explanation. So it's possible, but the practice is still considered pseudoscience.


Why do ghost hunters use motion sensors?

Motion sensors are ideal for ghost hunters, as you can place multiple sensors in different areas. And if triggered, you can head towards the sound of the alarm and investigate further. Motion sensors trigger for no explanation in known haunted locations.


Which is the best movement sensor?

The best ghost-hunting motion sensors are the 360° Tracking Puck and the Flux 2. The 360 pucks are designed for detecting in 360 degrees, with adjustable sensitivity. The Flux 2 is designed for communicating with spirits to answer yes and no question.


Do I need more than one proximity sensor?

We advise using multiple sensors if you are investigating a large area or premises. You can place different sensors in different places to cover more ground. You can do just fine with one if it's a small location.