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Shop for full spectrum cameras at SpiritShack. If you really want to catch a ghost on photo or video you really do need a full spectrum camera. The human eyes and standard cameras can only see a small portion of the light spectrum. Ghosts often appear in the Infrared and Ultraviolet light spectrums which only a Full Spectrum Camera can see. You will need a full spectrum light to go with it.




What is a full spectrum camera?

A full spectrum camera is a camera which has had the infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) filters removed. The IR filters stop the camera from receiving infrared light, and the UV filter stops the camera from receiving ultraviolet light. With these filters removed, the camera can see the full light spectrum.


How to use a full spectrum camera

You can use the full spectrum camera in the same way you would use a standard camera. Due to the full spectrum camera being able to see ultraviolet light, everything it captures will have a purple tint to it. As ultraviolet is a powerful light range. A full spectrum camera can be used for night vision when used with an infrared light.


How to convert a full spectrum camera

To convert a standard camera into a full spectrum camera, the infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) will need to be removed. This allows the camera to see the full spectrum of light. How to remove these filters varies from camera to camera. Typically, the filter is glass or plastic and sit in front of or behind the lens.


How does a full spectrum camera work?

A full spectrum camera works in the same way a standard camera does. The only difference is the infrared (IR) and Ultraviolet (UV) filters have been removed. Which allows the camera to see the full spectrum of light. The camera may have a purple tint to everything captured, as ultraviolet is a strong light range.


Can you see ghosts with a full spectrum camera?

Paranormal investigators believe that ghosts can be seen with the full spectrum camera. As it can into the infrared and ultraviolet light range. This is still considered pseudoscience and has not yet been proven as a fact. It’s true that more can be seen with the full spectrum camera as it can see more of the light spectrum.