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The Paranormal Music Box, known as the PMB, is a ghost detector. The PMB box has become popular among ghost hunters. Because its works well, and it adds to the spooky vibe. The musical box has a PIR motion or sonar sensor on one side. And when it's triggered, a mechanic music box will play. And a creepy light will light up on the light on top.




What is a paranormal music box?

It's a mechanical musical box which is triggered by motion. It's known as the PMB for short and is a tool for ghost hunters. It comes with a PIR motion sensor or an ultrasonic sensor. Its purpose is to detect the movement of humans, animals, objects and ghosts. Once triggered, a tune will play from the music box. The creepy song is accompanied by a light which triggers.


How does the paranormal music box work?

The musical box is triggered by motion. The motions are detected using a PIR motion or ultrasonic sensor. The basic models use a PIR sensor, while the high-end models use ultrasound.


Can using a PMB be dangerous?

Using it to detect spirits is as unsafe as using an Ouija board. Using the music box, you reach out to the spirit world. By reaching out, you are opening a door, in other words. Once opened, anything can come through, including negative spirits.


Where can I buy the PMB?

We sell paranormal music boxes right here at SpiritShack. We have basic models which use PIR sensors to detect motion. And we have higher-end models with ultrasound sensors.


How can I communicate with spirits through a PMB?

The purpose of the musical box is not to talk with spirits. Its purpose it to help you to detect them. You may be better off with a spirit box if you want to communicate. Or the EVP recorder will make for a good choice.