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Mike J – Review on Trifield TF2 Meter
Best Buy! Must-have tool for going to open houses or flats, hunting EMF spikes and ghosts. Also, helpful for optimal bed placement. Safe levels are less than 1mG in the Magnetic mode. Make sure your bedroom, nursery, are safe. I’ve seen homes with regular power lines (non-high voltage) in front of 5mG+ in all areas. I also own the cheaper Orange coloured Chinese brand which is not accurate, avoid. This unit is worth the money.

Anabel – Review on the Para4ce Poltertune
Packing was great, shipping was fast! This is a neat little device I added to my collection and just put it to use this week with positive results. Something about music seems just attractive and universal in the spirit realm! Recommend!

Maddie – Review on the LED Dowsing Rods
Fantastic! I have always used dowsing rods, and had to buy these when I saw them

Linda Miller – Review on the Para4ce REM MASTER
Read my other review, I just forgot to give it 5 stars for being so wonderful and working. Let me say also, that when this device went off, so did my K2 meter, and I also heard some EVPs on the audio when I played back the footage. All of this combined to verify the REM pod going off. I love this machine! Thanks for making a great device!

Sam F – Review on the Para4ce Quad EMF-TEMP-POD-VIBRATION
My son and I have used it several times and absolutely love it. We used it in my parents’ old house, which we know is haunted, and got some great results with it. We tried it in our house and happily got nothing LOL. Looking forward to many exciting adventures with it.

Adil Lynch – Review of the Para4ce Spirit Vibes Vibration Sensor
It’s that sensitive, it can pick up sounds and vibrations you can’t hear and feel. Works well for communication when asking yes or no questions 🙂

Somerset paranormal tales – Review on the Ghost Hunting Robot
Love this Robot!! We have had ours spin around numerous times!! Great piece of equipment and fun too 👍 Somerset paranormal tales

Lenard Smith – Review of the SpiritPod X1
The results we have had were excellent. Sam was very helpful, I would recommend these as it shows in Sam’s video

Lenard Smith – Review of the P-SB7T Ghost Box Rev5
The new SB7 we received has shown good results. Sam is very helpful on the phone and by email. The responses we had were remarkable. I put this to a test one night. Three of us went out and each of us had an item each in our pockets. When we arrived at the location and once interaction started, we asked what we had in our hands, not showing each other what we had.  We had a voice recorder, K2 meter and SB7 responses. We had to slow down the EVPs on the PC to get the best results. Not only that, but we had an EVP each time saying what we had in our pockets.

Authentic paranormal society (A.P.S) – Review on the Professional Green Laser Grid Pen
I received the professional green laser pen today along with a few other accessories, and I’m well and truly impressed. Thank you so much and definitely 10/10. Really amazed as well with the different choices of ends you receive with the pen ?% happy

Andrew – Portable SLS Camera with Tablet
Thank you so much, the set-up works a treat. It works well, I highly recommend to other buyers.

Kris – Review on the 8 GB Digital EVP Voice Recorder
Definitely a must-have device, got some great evidence!

Psychic connection – Review on the Touch Activated Flashing Balls
I love mine, I have had some fantastic results with them. Lit up in response to asking questions, and as you literally have to touch them to activate, makes me feel the response is genuine paranormal response.

S J Paranormal – Review on the Ghostly Music Box
I love this music box. It really is great, it was going off all night on our last investigation

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