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Ghost-hunting mobile phone rigs are essential if you prerecord or livestream from your mobile phone. If you’re filming your paranormal investigation using a standard mobile phone, the video will be shaky, the lighting will be poor, and you will hear too much wind and background noise. With a filming phone rig, your video will be stable. You can add an external wind-resistant microphone to remove the wind noise. And you can add another light source to improve lighting. You can add multiple lights, such as standard, IR and UV lighting. It is handy if you are filming on a full-spectrum converted mobile phone.




What is a camera rig?

A camera rig is a piece of filming equipment to which you attach your camera and accessories. The rig has many variations; they range from one-handed and two-handed to freestanding and shoulder-mounted. A typical example would be a two-handed rig holding your camera, light, and microphone.


How does a camera rig work?

The camera rig helps to keep the camera stable if your hands are shaking, allowing for silky-smooth photos and video. They also hold additional camera accessories, such as a microphone and lighting equipment. Freestanding, shoulder and single-handed rigs can free up your hands.


Do I need a phone rig?

If your hands are shaking while recording video, we suggest you try a camera rig. They help to keep the camera stable in many situations, allowing for a smoother video. You can often attach equipment to your rig, such as lighting and a microphone. This allows you to carry more than you can with two hands.


How do I mount my mobile phone to a rig?

Most cameras have a hot shoe, cold shoe, or ¼-inch female thread on the bottom, which will attach to most universal camera rigs. The hot shoe and cold shoe slide on and twist, and the ¼-inch thread must be screwed in. Once your camera is attached, you are ready to film.


How much does a smartphone rig cost?

You can pick up a budget one-handed or two-handed camera rig for around twenty pounds. Which can hold your camera, a light and a microphone. Even the budget two-handed rigs can help improve your video stabilization and smoothness. The more advanced shoulder-mounted rigs can cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds.