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Full Spectrum Camera Light



The light covers every visible-light colour, along with both infrared and ultraviolet. This makes it a diverse and adaptable piece of ghost hunting equipment, and makes it useful for many different scenarios.

What does the Full Spectrum Light do?

The SpiritShack Full Spectrum lamp for ghost hunting cameras is a key piece of equipment for paranormal investigations. This full-spectrum light is high-powered and will cover the entire spectrum from 480 to 840 nm.

Alongside this lamp, you will need an FS camera to make full use of its benefits. This is because normal cameras will not pick up the ultraviolet or infrared from it. The SpiritShack FS lamp has been designed for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators.

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  • Ideal for paranormal investigating
  • Power source, 4 AA batteries
  • Dimmable effect, adapt the brightness depending on your surroundings
  • Easily accessible power switch to turn the device on and off
  • Small and portable, can fit into your pocket
  • Bright enough to flood a large room
  • Multiple mounting options; 1/4-inch screw or hot shoe

How does the Full Spectrum Light work?

Throughout the history of paranormal investigations, ghost hunters have traditionally relied upon infrared to reveal paranormal entities and spirits. There has been a shift in recent times to the entire spectrum to identify potential images that infrared lighting does not pick up. The FS lamp covers every visible-light colour, including the infrared and ultraviolet spectrums. This makes it a more versatile piece of equipment. Because of this, when using a full spectrum light, you are much more likely to pick up paranormal entities.

Since pretty much all infrared and even FS ghost hunting cameras and recording equipment cannot fully illuminate your photographic environment, it is important to illuminate the area adequately by using a full-spectrum light. If you do not use one, this could result in missed images which are invisible to the human eye. The only way to get around this is by using a full-spectrum light.

Since paranormal entities and spirits are mostly visible at night, you must use both infrared and ultraviolet lighting to capture everything possible. This allows you to capture everything that your naked eye cannot see, and gives you a glimpse into the paranormal. Using an FS LED will therefore increase your odds of seeing and recording a paranormal entity or image.


  • Improved visuals through your camera’s viewfinder
  • Improved colour uniformity and blending
  • Image and colour definition is improved
  • Visual sharpness is improved due to environmental luminance
  • Greater brightness
  • Overall brightness of the environment is improved


  • 3 High-Powered Full Spectrum LED
  • 120° Luminance Angle
  • 380–840 nm Light Range
  • 9w Output Power
  • 150lm Lumen
  • 70 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm in size
  • Weight: 120g

How to use the light

This light will work with any FS camera throughout a paranormal investigation. It will even work with a converted GoPro camera. The LED lamp is dimmable and also has an on/off switch, meaning you can adjust the brightness depending on your surrounding environment.

If you are indoors, dimming the lamp will allow the batteries (if that is your preferred power source) to last a lot longer. This FS LED Light can also be used outside, in which case you would turn up the dimmer and allow the lamp to fill the area more thoroughly.

The benefit of the SpiritShack FS Light is that it contains both a 1/4-inch screw and a hot shoe mount, making it versatile and easy to use. With the hot shoe mount, you can mount it to your video camera, video rig or even your GoPro.

It is advised to never look directly into the light. Due to the wide spectrum of this ghost hunting camera, it is much brighter than it appears. Your eyes can only see some of the colour range output with this light. Therefore, it can thoroughly damage your eyes. The light will look much lighter through an FS video camera. It is very compact, small and lightweight, and easily portable from one paranormal investigation to the next.

What’s included?

  • FS LED Video Light
  • Instructions
  • Box
  • Carry pouch

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    I didn’t know initially you need a full spectrum light for a full spectrum camera if you want to catch ghosts on video. That would explain why I have not caught anything before now. Hopefully we will catch something soon. Love the light thanks guys!

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    Bradley Arnold

    Good light

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    Works fantastic

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    Gareth Owens

    Great product, brilliant service.

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    Peter Morton

    Happy with the product and service.

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