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The Spirit Shack Compact Infrared Light for Ghost Hunting is a powerful IR light, and is a small and portable IR Illuminating option.

What does the Compact Infrared Light do?

The Spirit Shack Compact Infrared Light for Ghost Hunting is a very powerful IR light for its small and compact size. The unit features 2 separate LED lights, making it a smaller and more portable option for paranormal investigations. It is also much lighter, and can be easily fitted into your pocket to pull it out whenever you need to use it throughout a paranormal investigation.

This Compact IR light can be attached to a multitude of devices for ghost hunting, including your night vision camera or GoPro. It was designed to be small, light and easily transportable, and is a cheaper option than many other IR Light Illuminators. The use of a lithium battery will give you up to 10 hours of continual use, which is perfect for any paranormal investigation. You can attach it to any camera or camcorder using the hook and loop strip which is included with the camera.

Due to the small and compact size of the Spirit Shack Compact Infrared Light, it is the perfect IR light to be used when conducting paranormal investigations indoors. Make sure you check your equipment first, in order to ensure that you are using a camera with night vision or full-spectrum capabilities, as these can pick up the infrared light emitted by the device, as it can not be seen by the human eye.

Compact IR Light features:

  • Lights up an area over 20 feet away
  • Power is long-lasting and will last over 10 hours on a single battery
  • Compromised of 2x powerful LED IR light bulbs
  • Exposed rear battery compartment allows quick and easy battery replacement
  • Small and easily transportable
  • Pocket-sized
  • Lightweight



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    James Lopez

    I have many of these lights now and love them. They are compact, powerful and easy to use. The battery lasts for ages, and work perfect with our IR cameras.

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