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How to curse someone, hire a witch to perform your curse spells

Cursing service, hire a witch to perform your curse spells



Professional cursing service and curse spells carried out by a real black witch. After purchase, we will forward your payment and contact details to one of our witches.

One of our witches will contact you directly to gather the information, they need to be able to carry out the spell. They will then give you a date and time for when the spell will be performed.


We do not offer refunds for our witchcraft services or curses. This is because our curses are performed by experienced and independent witches.

Once you make the order, your contact details will be passed onto one of our black witches, who will contact for the information they need to be able to carry out the spell.

We will contact you before performing the curse spells

When one of our independent witches’ contact you, you can let them know which curse you would like, and what you want to achieve from the spell. Or they can recommend the best one for you.

You can inflict a curse from a particular demon such as Abaddon, Alastor, Amduscias, Andras, Lucifer Rofocale, Qalilitu, Lord Satan, Sonneillion, Svengali, Tezrian and others.

Experienced cursing spells

All of our witches have decades of experience, and have a very high success rate in spell casting. Multiple targets can be chosen if needed, up to 5.

Please don’t purchase this blindly, curses are real, and can inflict great misfortune and worse.

Waiting for the right moon phase

After purchase, the witch carrying out your curse may ask you to wait until a particular moon phase before it’s carried out. As some moon phases make curses more powerful, and reduce the chance of any repercussions.

If there is any waiting time, our witches will provide you a date and time for when the magic will be cast.

Picking the right demon for your magic spells

Each of the dark entities and demons work in different ways, so it may be worth doing some research yourself if suggesting a particular curse.

Demons all have different strengths, abilities and specialities. So, if you are not sure, let one of our witches pick the most suitable entity for you.

Custom revenge spells

Our witches can craft a custom revenge curse for you. And will be more likely to succeed and give the effect you desire. The curse can be reversed if needed, but you will need to purchase our curse reversal service.

You will need to explain the full situation to the witch, and why you would like the curse carried out.

Give your spell caster as much information as possible

The more information you can give them, the more it will aid them in selecting the right spell for you. And will help tailor the ritual to your specific needs.

Demons do not have a moral compass, and will not judge you for your choices, and neither do our independent witches.


All information and communication from you is kept private and strictly confidential.

You will be protected from any repercussions from the spell casting, the witch will make sure of this. Demons do not like having their time wasted, so once the ritual has started, it must be fully completed.

Anything you tell our witches will not be written down, recorded or passed on. It will be kept strictly between you and them.

Black magic and mental health issues

If you have any mental health issues, we require that you contact us and let us know before purchasing any witchcraft spells from us. As our customers’ safety if of primary concern.

It can be much more dangerous getting involved in magic spells, a curse spells if you have any mental health issues. As a revenge spell or revenge curse uses black magic, which comes with negative energy and demon interaction.

Our experienced witches will usually use a protection spell for you, to keep you shielded from any repercussions. It’s always best to stay safe.

Revenge spells? Yes, we can perform a revenge spell

Our spell casters can carry out a revenge spell for you, which will work immediately. A Revenge spell is a strong spell, and a black magic spell.

After purchase, you will need to tell us your target and desired results. Our expert enchanter will cast your revenge hex and will inflict dark magic and bad luck on the target.

Do magic spells and curse spells really work?

Yes, magic spells do work. Until recently, it was a crime to commit witchcraft, especially a revenge spell and revenge spells. Revenge spells work, and they should not be taken lightly.

Revenge spells should only be cast by an experienced witch. Black magic is dangerous, they are strong spells which include dark magic.

Carrying out a revenge enchantment incorrectly can result in the magic not working, or worse, the ritual backfiring and the bad luck happening to you.

How to curse someone

For such a spell to work, the witch will use black magic. Revenge curses, for example, are very dangerous, especially for our witches. It involves a ritual designed to hurt the target and cause negative consequences for them.

Our expert enchanters use words and hexes and call upon demons to cause inflictions on your enemies. Once cursed, different demons deal different problems in the target’s life. It’s important you choose an experienced enchanter and spells that work.

Can you perform a curse spell with white magic?

Generally not, white magic is usually used for neutral and positive spells, such as healing, locating personal items, improving your life, and finding a relationship etc.

A revenge curse uses black magic and dark magic, and is usually served cold. Revenge spells work by calling upon demons to carry them out. Which white magic doesn’t involve.

Can a revenge spell cause death?

A curse or revenge spell can cause death. But we would never go this far, our revenge spells work in hand with karma. And the negative consequences are usually equal to the wrong them have inflicted on you.

Such spells would usually require a life sacrifice, will is also something our spell casters would not do. However, our revenge curse and revenge spells will be more than adequate for your needs.

LEGAL NOTICE: Our spells and witchcraft services are for entertainment purposes only.

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