We offer a wide range of lighting to suit all of your needs. Having the right lighting is essential if you're filming your paranormal investigations. You don't want too much light as you will not see colour. And not enough light will make it look too dark. If you're filming in ultraviolet or Infrared, UV or IR lighting would be ideal. We have you covered everything from phone rig lights mains powered to battery-powered lights. We want to help you catch the paranormal evidence you're looking for. And our lighting will help you take those picture-perfect videos.




What is paranormal lighting?

Paranormal lighting includes all kinds of lighting equipment which investigators may use. Examples include torches, camera lights, video camera lights, and headlamps. Each may come in various wavelengths, such as white, red, green, full-spectrum infrared and ultraviolet.


What kind of lighting is best for paranormal investigations?

It depends on where you are investigating and what you want to achieve. Green lights are best for outdoors, as the green light doesn't attract flies and insects. If you want to make your investigation creepier, the red light does the trick. And if you wish to capture more ghosts, the infrared, UV and full spectrum lights win.


What is a full-spectrum light?

The full spectrum refers to lighting, which contains all visible spectrum colours. It includes the spectrum we can't see, ultraviolet and infrared. It is often used in ghost hunters because it may reveal entities which are only visible under infrared and ultraviolet.


Why do some investigators use green lights during investigations?

Green lights don't tend to attract bugs, insects, and flies. So, it's always recommended when filming outdoors, especially in areas near rivers or bodies of water. It also gives a night vision appearance without using a night vision camera.


Can lighting affect the results of a paranormal investigation?

Yes, lighting can affect your paranormal investigation. If your lights are not powerful enough, you may not be able to see very far. Ghosts commonly appear under infrared and ultraviolet, which you may miss. You can use infrared with a night vision camera. Or infrared, ultraviolet, and full spectrum with a full spectrum camera.