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Spooky red LED light for ghost-hunters
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The spooky looking SpiritShack red light
Creepy red camera light for ghost-hunting

Red Light for Spooky Videos



The SpiritShack Red Light Camera for Ghost-Hunting and Paranormal Investigations is a great piece of equipment if you’re conducting any paranormal investigations in the dark. It is the next best thing to Infrared Light (IR) and night vision cameras.

What does the red light do?

This ghost-hunting deep red light is a great choice if you’re filming and uploading your investigation for YouTube or Facebook. This lamp will add a dark and spooky element to your videos, and enhance the atmosphere of any paranormal investigation. It is known among paranormal investigators and ghost-hunters that the colours red and black are supposedly demonic. This LED lamp will enhance the atmosphere if you are attempting to communicate with any negative entities, spirits or ghosts.

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It is worth noting that this piece of equipment is compromised of red lights, not infrared lights. This means that unlike IR lighting, the illuminator can be seen with the human eyes and also all cameras. The light distance on the lamp is around 60 feet. The unit comes with an on/off switch and dimmable adjustment so that you can change it up depending on the requirements of your investigation!


  • Gives off a deep red light for ghost-hunting
  • Power source, 4x AA Batteries
  • Dimmable light to increase or decrease brightness depending on surroundings
  • Easily accessible power switch for on/off utilization
  • Small and lightweight for easy transportation
  • Can even fit into a regular-sized pocket to carry around
  • Multiple mounting options; 1/4 inch screw or hot shoe

How does the spooky red light work?

The creepy lamp for Ghost Hunting is a high-powered light and will produce enough light to help most cameras without night vision capability. The deep red illuminator allows you to get a great picture and record the surroundings, whilst maintaining low light. This is a great option for those who do not have a camera with night vision or full-spectrum capabilities.

The use of a deep red light rather than a bright white light will be much easier on the eyes of you and other paranormal investigators. Since paranormal investigations tend to go on for several hours, this will be a massive bonus throughout your investigation. The red LED will add a very spooky element to the investigation.

It contains 3 small yet extremely high-powered LED lights which are sure to illuminate any small, medium or large-sized area. Despite its high-power, it is compact and small, meaning it is lightweight and easy to transport around as part of your kit.

The great thing about this red light is that you can power with 4x AA batteries, and you can carry replacement batteries if needed! It has the easy hot shoe mount attachment to ensure you can easily fit it onto your camera or filming rig.


  • 3 High-powered red LED’s
  • 120° Luminance angle
  • 640–660 nm range
  • 9w Output power
  • 150lm Lumen
  • 70 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm Size
  • 120g Weight
  • Included in the package is 1x SpiritShack red LED video light
  • FREE Portable Bag Included!

How to use it

The red light for ghost-hunting is the perfect piece of equipment for experimental narrow wavelength investigation techniques. It is also a beneficial light for general purpose as it illuminates any environment vividly, whilst maintaining a dark, moody environment due to the red LED’s, without over-lighting the area.

Insert your 4x AA Batteries, and turn the light on. Once your illuminator for is powered on, you can either attach it to whichever camera you are using to record the paranormal activity, or set it up on a tripod or the floor.

If you are conducting a paranormal investigation over a large area, it is encouraged that you purchase multiple lights. This is because if the area is incredibly large, the lamp may not cover the entirety of the environment. If you are conducting your ghost hunting or paranormal investigation in a large room, it is recommended that you purchase 4 different red light units to guarantee the whole room is covered. If you choose this option, place the 4 crimson lights facing inwards in all corners of the room. They can either be placed on tripods, or simply put them on the floor with their back to the wall.

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  1. Rating

    Dominic Summers

    This light is very impressive. It really gives my paranormal videos an eerie vibe and makes any surrounding look a little creepy and demonic. Just a small touch like a lighting colour change makes a dramatic difference.

  2. Rating

    Sally D.

    When this arrived, I thought it was great. Unfortunately, it appears not to like working with batteries. It actually melted them. I am not sure if mine is faulty. All has been dealt with a replacement being sent out. Customer service has been great as always. Thank you.

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