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Ultraviolet Camera Light


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This extremely high-powered Ultraviolet (UV) Camera Light covers the light spectrum from 390 to 400 nm.

The SpiritShack Ultraviolet Light for Camera, also known as the UV Light for Ghost Hunting and paranormal investigations, illuminates UV radiation. To make use of this UV light, you will need a Full Spectrum Ghost-Hunting Camera, as regular cameras will not pick up the Ultra Violet UV from the device.

We have designed this UV light specifically for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. The reason this is such a key piece of equipment is that it is known that many ghosts and spirits only appear in Ultraviolet. Unfortunately, we cannot see Ultraviolet with our own eyes due to their limited range. Adding this Ultra Violet Light into your paranormal investigation equipment will ensure you have all your bases covered. You will be much more likely to pick up spirits and apparitions on your full spectrum camera.

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  • Ultraviolet Light for Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation
  • Choose from 3x power sources, including BP-5L, AA Batteries or USB
  • The light is dimmable, meaning you can increase or decrease the brightness depending on your environment
  • Easily accessible power switch to allow for easy turning on and off
  • Easy to carry around and fit in your pocket, highly transportable
  • Benefit of either a 1/4 inch screw or hot shoe mount

How does the UV light work?

Ultraviolet light has been used throughout history for several different reasons. Firstly, it is believed that spirits or ghosts may become more visible in different kinds of light, including infrared and ultraviolet light.

UV light is long-established in the field of forensic research. This is because narrow bands of light colours which are both visible and invisible to our eyes can highlight certain organic materials and cancel out other colours, making the organic material more visible due to creating a sharper contrast image.

This philosophy is spreading throughout the paranormal investigation community, as researchers attempt to find new ways to reveal evidence throughout investigations. The theory for the use of UV light in paranormal investigations is similar to that of forensic investigations. By reducing the visible light to a much narrower band of the spectrum, we may see things that would otherwise go unnoticed in a full spectrum white light (an ordinary light). By using a UV light which is compromised of both visible and invisible coloured lights with a full spectrum camera, you may be able to see much more paranormal activity than you would be able to just by using the naked eye.


  • Increase the brightness for larger or outdoor environments
  • Decrease the brightness for smaller or indoor environments
  • 3 high-powered Ultraviolet LED’s for a Light Source
  • 120° Luminance Angle
  • 390–400 nm Light Range
  • 9W Output Power
  • 150lm Lumen
  • 70 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm Size
  • 120g Weight
  • Included is 1x Ultra Violet LED Video Light
  • 1x Portable Bag

How to use the UV light

This UV LED emitter sits at around 380 nm to 410 nm on the wavelength light spectrum. The light it gives off is a dark, deep purple/blue UV, which sits within the visible light spectrum but just on the cusp of visible and invisible light. The Spirit Shack Ultraviolet Light is a version of the classic Black Light that is commonly found in theme parks and discos.

The Spirit Shack UV Light for Ghost Hunting responds to different materials in different ways due to their colour or material. In some objects like paper or cotton fabric, it will illuminate bright white. Other objects will go dark, and even almost invisible. It is this characteristic which makes it a great tool for both research and paranormal investigations.

Simply load up your Spirit Shack UV light with either AA batteries or connect it to a power source, and aim it at the same area that your camera is pointing. If you are covering a large area throughout your paranormal investigation while ghost hunting, make sure to purchase multiple UV lights and aim them in different directions or all corners of the room.

The light is dimmable, meaning you can make it brighter or dimmer depending on the space of your surroundings. If the area that you are conducting your paranormal investigation in is large, we would suggest purchasing 4 different UV lights and aiming them inwards from all 4 orders of a room. Alternatively, if there is a large amount of paranormal activity in a certain area, make sure to attach this UV light to your camera with the hot shoe mount.

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    Fits nicely onto my full spectrum camera. Used this on several investigations now and managed to catch a few strange mists that I still cannot explain. Love the light it’s more than powerful enough and the batteries just keep on going!

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