SLS stickman kinect camera software for Windows
SLS Camera for tracking ghosts and spirits in real time
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v1 & v2 SLS Stickman Camera Software


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The Stickman Camera is one of the most popular and widely used pieces of ghost hunting equipment out there, and this software allows you to catch spirits on video to be used as evidence.

What Does It Do?

The SLS Stickman Camera is one of the most popular ghost hunting devices available. It is a unique piece of equipment in that it allows you to detect spirits and entities which are not always visible to the human eye.

The Spirit Shack SLS Camera for ghost hunting uses similar technology as the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor. This sensor was built with the intent of translating human figures into a digital image and uses infrared technology to translate movements within its surroundings. It works by using infrared, it is a great piece of equipment to use for ghost hunting as the infrared beams that the camera shoots out can also pick up not just living human figures, but also figures of paranormal entities.

This Spirit Shack V1 & V2 SLS Camera Software then translates the images picked up by your V1 or V2 SLS Stickman Camera for ghost hunting and allows you to see its findings easily. It is also worth noting that this listing is specifically for the SLS Stickman Camera Software. If you would like to check out the SLS Camera for ghost hunting, we have two different versions, either the V1 SLS Stickman Camera for ghost hunting or the V2 SLS Stickman Camera for ghost hunting.

Main Features:

  • Highly Accurate Skeletal Recognition (Stickman)
  • Facial Recognition
  • Facial Replacement
  • Infrared Nightvision Camera
  • Depth Camera

How Does It Work?

Throughout the ghost hunting and paranormal investigation community, it is thought that paranormal entities are tied somehow to electromagnetic energy. It could be that they’re made up of it or are able to govern it, but either way, it is common for paranormal entities to be identified when using infrared technology.

The Spirit Shack SLS Cameras for ghost hunting work by using an infrared projector on the camera to project a 3D formation of dots, which show the depth and detail of the environment. The advanced technology of this camera allows you to use it either day or night, as it does not need any lighting to work, which is a huge benefit if you are conducting a paranormal investigation throughout the night, as many do.

Since the SLS Camera projects a formation of dots, it captures anything that breaks the formation. If a figure (whether that figure is paranormal or not) shows up in front of the camera, this software captures joint structure and movement, and therefore can give a shape to the figure. SLS Stands for Structured Light Sensor, meaning this device is able to accurately track skeletal movements.

What’s Included:
  • 1 x USB Pen with the SLS Stickman Camera software on it
To Use You Will Need:
  • SLS Stickman Camera v1 or v2
  • SLS Stickman power and USB adapter
  • Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet with a USB slot
How To Use It:

To use the Spirit Shack SLS Stickman Camera Software, you will need a camera, cables, and a tablet. We sell a range of different packages, so have a look through to decide if buying the pieces individually or in a package is the best option for you.

When you are in the area of your paranormal investigation, run some other tests to see if you can locate the area where there is the most amount of paranormal activity. When you have done this, set up the SLS Stickman Camera with the SLS Stickman Camera Software and the tablet attached, and make sure that the other paranormal investigators you are working with know that it is set up there and not to move in front of it.

Both the V1 SLS Stickman Camera and the V2 SLS Stickman Camera for Ghost Hunting have quite a large field of vision, but depending on the size of the area in which you are conducting your paranormal investigation, you may want to purchase multiple SLS Cameras, software and tablets so that you can set them up in different rooms, for example.

When you have your equipment connected and set up within an area, simply turn it all on and make sure it is all working by getting someone to walk/move in front of your SLS Stickman Camera and Software for Ghost Hunting. You may want to encourage paranormal activity by asking questions out loud.

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    Zara Archer

    Perfect thank you, it was easy to setup and get working with the instructions provided.

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    Steven Spademan-bates

    Great company. Best place to buy ghost hunting equipment.

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    can wait to use this software

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