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v1 SLS Stickman skeletal tracker camera kit

V1 SLS Stick Man Camera Kit



This V1 SLS Stick Man Camera Kit contains the Kinect Sensor Camera. And the cables and software for running it, all you need is a tablet!

What does the V1 SLS Camera do?

The Stick Man Camera Kit for ghost hunting is an excellent piece of equipment. It comprises a Kinect Sensor and the software needed to run the camera. It works with a Windows tablet, laptop, or PC. The SLS system is one of the most used SLS Cameras for ghost hunting. Paranormal investigators use it and have garnered some incredible results.

The kit works by using software designed for the Xbox Kinect. It’s since gained momentum in paranormal investigating. Its popularity is due to it working in the dark with infrared technology. And people realized that the Kinect could pick up human-shaped figures. We are referring to those who could not see with the human eye.

The V1 SLS Camera Kit for ghost hunting is a unique piece of equipment. Mainly since Microsoft no longer manufacture the Kinect product. And there is a finite amount of the market. We need a refurbished Xbox Kinect Sensor to make the SLS camera. And it’s only a matter of time before used models run out.

This listing is for the V1 Kinect Sensor, cables and the software. And the cables needed to use the kit on a tablet or computer. We sell many SLS kit packages, depending on the equipment you need. We have the V2 versions and the SLS Cam Gold on different listings. All of our models come in wires main power and wireless models. The V1 and V2 software can be purchased on its own, too.

Main Features:

  • Skeletal Recognition (Stick Man).
  • Facial Recognition.
  • Facial Replacement.
  • IR Night Vision.
  • Depth Perception.

How Does It Work?

SLS Stands for Structured Light Sensor. The camera can pick up and accurately track skeletal movements. And translate them into an image when using them alongside the SLS Stick Man software and a tablet. The kit allows you to see paranormal entities in human form.

Many paranormal investigators have reported amazing things when using the Kinect kit. Enthusiasts have captured figures doing things like waving to the camera. Or they were making specific movements when asked by the investigators. This ability opens the doors to a whole new world of investigating. And it leads you to sophisticated interactions with paranormal entities. You can communicate in different ways when using the Kinect Camera.

People believe paranormal entities comprise electromagnetic energy. Or at least have some power over it, such as manipulating it. The Microsoft Kinect Sensor shoots out infrared beams into the environment. The software then builds an image from the information returned to the camera. This function shows the paranormal entity’s rough size and shape. This picture gives you a more informed look into where the spirits are and what they are doing.

The SLS Stick Man Camera is one of the best cameras for paranormal investigations. It gives you concrete evidence and allows you to communicate with spirits. And any other entities while watching them in real-time.

We Include The Following:

  • V1 Xbox Kinect Sensor Camera (Used).
  • V1 SLS Power and USB leads (New).
  • V1 SLS Camera Software (New).

What You Will Need

  • Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet with a USB port.

How To Use It:

Connect the Kinect Sensor to a mains supply for power. It would help if you used it indoors to keep it dry. And so that you have access to the mains power supply. It would be best to plug the tablet into a battery pack to get the most out of it. The reason is that the software used tends to run the battery down quickly.

Use trigger objects before setting up the V1 SLS Camera Kit in a particular area. Set them up throughout the area where you are carrying out your paranormal investigation. The trigger objects allowed you to find the paranormal active areas. If your area is significant, use trigger alarms so that you can hear whenever one’s triggered. It’s more important to have an alarm if you don’t have a line of sight and can’t see the see lights flash.

Once you understand where the paranormal activity is happening, you can set the Stick Man Camera there. Make sure you point it in a direction where only a few people are walking. The camera picks up the movement of both paranormal and human forms. So, tell the other paranormal investigators where you set the camera up!

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    Logan Sheppard

    Fast delivery, and it’s very good for the money, caught a good few things in my home with it now.

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    Very good equipment

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