Shop for EMF Bears at SpiritShack. EMF Bears are teddy bear toys which have had an EMF detector added. They will light up when EMF signals are detected, we have different models with and without sound too. EMF Bears are usually aimed at interacting with ghosts of children, because it’s a cute looking teddy, it will be less intimidating for them. And may most likely be comforting for them to try and play with. You can please the teddy bear down and just leave it, or you can put it down and ask ghosts to try and trigger it by touching it.

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What Do The Bears Do?

An EMF bear is a teddy bear toy that has been specially created with an EMF (electromagnetic field) detector. These bears respond to paranormal stimuli and are prompted by changes in the electromagnetic fields.

The EMF bear was created with the intent of communicating with spirits kids. They have a cute and comforting teddy bear appearance to make them less intimidating. Let's take a broader look into how they work and how to use them.

How Do EMF Bears Work?

An EMF bear is designed to detect static electricity and electromagnetic field changes. An EMF teddy possesses sensitivity to motion, vibrations, and temperature.

Upon detecting energy disturbances, the EMF bear can react by lighting up, sending off an alarm, or asking intelligent questions, creating an eerie ambience in the dark. Fortunately, some of these bears are silent, so you and those that you're interacting with do not get too much of a fright when it's triggered.

Alternatively, you can ask questions to the teddy to see if a response is channelled through it, making it a useful tool. Non-speaking REM pod bears and touch-activated versions of the electromagnetic field detector bear are also available.

This ghost hunting device comes highly recommended, with well-known paranormal professionals, such as Twin Paranormal, frequently using them. These bears have even got attention from famous publications like Forbes Magazine and Popular Mechanics.

What's inside an EMF bear?

An EMF meter is placed inside the EMF teddy. It's like a ghost detector that measures the invisible energy around us. It has a sensor that can pick up changes in the electromagnetic field, which is a kind of energy created by things like electronic devices or even ghosts.

When there's more electromagnetic energy in the air, the meter goes up, which triggers an alarm, flashing lights, or responses from the teddy.

All electronics and wires are safely hidden within the bear, providing a friendly and appealing approach to communicate with kids who have crossed over to the other side.

These bears provide ghost hunters with the option to either place the teddy and observe, or to invite ghosts to trigger it by touching it, creating an inviting atmosphere for playful interactions.

The EMF bear is available in different versions. This allows customers, from ghost hunting newbies to professionals, to choose one that resonates with their preference and that of the area they are investigating.

Types of EMF bears

There is an array of different EMF bears that will suit any ghost hunter's needs. Some light up and talk, and others don't make a sound. Here are a few we have on offer:

How To Use The Teddies For Ghost Hunting

Similar to laying out tarot cards or using ghost hunting robots, incorporating these bears in your investigation requires a well-thought-out and structured approach:

  • Strategic placement: Ghosts can be a bit shy. Make sure to strategically place your EMF bear in areas with reported paranormal activity or where ghost kids are known to be. Maybe a cosy corner or a room that is full of mystery – allow your instincts to guide you.

  • The power of play: Just like human kids, ghost children love to play, and your teddy is the ultimate playmate. Encourage these spirit kids by inviting them to interact with the bear. The teddy will automatically generate responses once it feels a presence close by.

  • Energy fluctuations: Keep an eye on your EMF bear's reactions. If it starts wiggling, lighting up, or asking random questions without an earthly explanation, your teddy might be on to something.

  • Record the adventures: Make sure you have devices on hand to document the paranormal action. Grab your camera, voice recorder, or any other ghost hunting gadgets that you have on hand, and keep it nearby before placing your bear. Your EMF bear will be the star of the show, and you wouldn't want to miss capturing those moments.
    Keep a record of the data you collect during ghost hunts. Document any changes in electromagnetic fields, sound, trigger responses, or interactions you have taken note of. Analysing this data provides insights into ghostly activities and allows you to know where to place your teddy for the next time.

Caring For Your Bear

Your paranormal investigating companions require thoughtful care to ensure they remain effective and in great condition for ghost hunting. Here's a guide on how to take care of your EMF bear:

Routine check-ups

Make sure to do routine check-ups on your bear. Ensure that its internal mechanisms, including sensors and response triggers, are in optimal condition. If you do happen to pick up on any issues, make sure to sort them out immediately to maintain seamless interactions when talking to spirit children.

Store it safely

When your bear is not in use, store it in a safe and temperature-controlled environment. Choose a designated storage space free from extreme temperatures, humidity, or potential damage. It may even be handy to get a designated storage box for your teddy. Protecting it when you're not using it ensures it has a longer lifespan and better performance.

When storing your EMF bear, do so with intention. Place it in a location that aligns with the energy you want to maintain. This can enhance the bear's receptivity and ensure it remains aligned with the paranormal vibrations it is designed to detect.

Respectful interactions

When using your bear during paranormal investigations, approach the interactions with respect. Encourage ghost children to touch and play gently with the EMF bear, fostering a positive and comforting atmosphere. This respectful approach enhances the chance of the teddy effectively communicating with entities on the other side.

Ghost Hunting Devices

Sometimes, spirit children or younger entities might not be what you're searching for. For example, you might want to engage with a more challenging or advanced spirit, or perhaps take another ghost hunting approach by using divination.

If you wish to make contact with something other than child spirits, here are a few tools you might want to consider adding to your ghost hunting toolkit:

Final Thoughts

An EMF bear stands as a charming companion in the quest to understand the paranormal kids.

Whether you're a seasoned ghost hunter or a curious soul, the use of these teddy bears opens a door to playful interactions with ghostly children. Embrace the enchantment, put your EMF bear to work, and witness the magic of connecting with the spirit children.



What is the EMF bear?

It's a children’s toy teddy bear, which has an EMF detector built into it. I was designed by ghost hunters, to detect changes in electromagnetic fields around the bear. Energy fluctuations are believed to occur in places where there is paranormal activity. Due to the device looking like a children’s toy, the theory is it may be less intimidating to children spirits.


Does the EMF bear work for ghost hunting?

EMF bears work the same as a standard electromagnetic field meter. Once electrical changes are detected, the lights and sound will trigger to alert you. Designed by paranormal investigators for ghost hunting, they are believed to work just as well as the meter. Due to them looking like a children’s toy, it may be less intimidating to children spirits.


How do EMF bears work?

EMF bears work in the same way as the electromagnetic field meter. They have a circuit which monitors and detects changes in electromagnetic field around the device. Once changes are detected, lights in the paws will light, and sound is emitted to alert you.


Are children attracted to EMF bears?

The theory with teddies is that the spirits of children may be less intimated by the toy bear than they would be to strange looking meters. So, they may be more likely to attempt to touch the bear and interact with it. Helping paranormal investigators to attain my evidence.


How much does the EMF bear cost?

EMF bears cost around sixty pounds in the UK for a basic model. The bear always comes with lights to alert you of any electromagnetic field changes, and some models have sound. There are more expensive versions of the bear such as the BooBuddy. Which detects electromagnetic field and additional things such as touch and temperature changes.