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Shop for EMF Bears at SpiritShack. EMF Bears are teddy bear toys which have had an EMF detector added. They will light up when EMF signals are detected, we have different models with and without sound too. EMF Bears are usually aimed at interacting with ghosts of children, because it’s a cute looking teddy, it will be less intimidating for them. And may most likely be comforting for them to try and play with. You can please the teddy bear down and just leave it, or you can put it down and ask ghosts to try and trigger it by touching it.




What is the EMF bear?

It's a children’s toy teddy bear, which has an EMF detector built into it. I was designed by ghost hunters, to detect changes in electromagnetic fields around the bear. Energy fluctuations are believed to occur in places where there is paranormal activity. Due to the device looking like a children’s toy, the theory is it may be less intimidating to children spirits.


Does the EMF bear work for ghost hunting?

EMF bears work the same as a standard electromagnetic field meter. Once electrical changes are detected, the lights and sound will trigger to alert you. Designed by paranormal investigators for ghost hunting, they are believed to work just as well as the meter. Due to them looking like a children’s toy, it may be less intimidating to children spirits.


How do EMF bears work?

EMF bears work in the same way as the electromagnetic field meter. They have a circuit which monitors and detects changes in electromagnetic field around the device. Once changes are detected, lights in the paws will light, and sound is emitted to alert you.


Are children attracted to EMF bears?

The theory with teddies is that the spirits of children may be less intimated by the toy bear than they would be to strange looking meters. So, they may be more likely to attempt to touch the bear and interact with it. Helping paranormal investigators to attain my evidence.


How much does the EMF bear cost?

EMF bears cost around sixty pounds in the UK for a basic model. The bear always comes with lights to alert you of any electromagnetic field changes, and some models have sound. There are more expensive versions of the bear such as the BooBuddy. Which detects electromagnetic field and additional things such as touch and temperature changes.