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RemPod Bear Ghost Hunting Equipment
Rempod EMF Bear Static Ghost Detector
Rem Pod Bear with Sound for ghost hunting paranormal equipment

Rem Pod Bear with Sound



This RemPod Bear is compromised of a proximity sensing trigger bear with an alarm sound and flashing LED light alerts.

This RemPod Bear works the same as the RemPod, but is much cheaper and better value for money. The sound it emits is the same as the RemPod. It is designed to be better for communicating with young spirits and the ghosts of children, although it does work with any spirit.

The SpiritShack Rem Pod Bear is the perfect piece of equipment for communicating with child ghosts. It is fluffy and cute, but very sensitive and a great piece of equipment to use throughout your paranormal investigation. The device works the same as a RemPod, and triggers an audible alarm when anything enters the static electromagnetic field that it creates.

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What does the Rem Pod Bear do?

This RemPod Bear creates a static EMF field throughout the area where it is located. When anything enters or breaks this EMF field it has created, it will trigger with sound and also lights located on all 4 paws. The use of both sound and light make this Rem Pod Teddy a great piece of equipment to either use during the day or at night.

The Spirit Shack RemPod Teddy is powered by a single 9V battery (not included). It is a proven device which has worked time and time again when conducting experiments with ghost children. The device will be triggered by anything of any kind of energy entering the space where it is working and breaking its EMF field.

When the RemPod Bear is triggered, it will first sound an alarm. If the presence is stronger, one or two lights will light up also. If the presence is strong, both the alarm and all 4 lights will be triggered.


  • Electronics are entirely hidden from view, making the device streamlined and easy for child ghosts to trigger
  • This Rem Pod EMF Bear is cute and appealing for younger ghosts
  • Detects anything which breaks its EMF field with both lights and sound
  • Can be used during the day or at night
  • It is sensitive and will pick up even a small signal by sounding the alarm but not flashing lights
  • If the alarm is triggered along with all 4 lights, this indicates a strong disturbance

How does the Rem Pod Bear work?

The RemPod Bear works by creating an EMF field when it is turned on. It is commonly known that ghosts and spirits are made up of energy. The EMF field will be broken if anything made from any kind of energy enters the EMF field, effectively ‘breaking’ the field.

The RemPod bear will allow you to communicate with even weak spirits, as the sound will trigger if even a sensitive spirit breaks the field. This makes it perfect for communicating with child ghosts who may not possess a lot of energy.


  • 9V battery is needed to power it (not included)
  • 11 inches tall
  • Cute and fluffy
  • Pink in colour

How to use it

Simply power up the bear up by entering a 9V battery, and putting it down within an area and walking away. It can be used both inside and outside.

To encourage communication with the device, ask the spirits questions such as yes or no questions. For optimal use, as with other Rem Pods, it is encouraged to purchase multiple devices, such as two bears. When you do this, you can gain more conclusive results from a paranormal investigation as you label one of the bears yes and one of them no when communicating with the spirits, asking them to trigger each one depending on their answer.

There are no wires or circuits visible, as they are all out of sight. This makes the RemPod Teddy more appealing for child ghosts. The small size means that the bear is small enough to carry around and quite portable.

We are selling out of these fast, so if you are thinking of buying one, you will need to do so ASAP! We have tested these throughout multiple paranormal investigations, and they have been proven to work with child ghosts effectively. They are sensitive, meaning even spirits with weak energies will be able to communicate with you.

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    This works and sounds exactly the same as the Rem Pod, might get another one of these it works great

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    Simon H.

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    Helpful customer service that respond super quick. Brilliant device. Will definitely be buying more equipment in the future.

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    Lovely Bear and great addition to the kit. Arrived very fast too

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