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Infrared Night Vision Light




The Infrared Light for Ghost Hunting offers unmatched IR Illumination.

What does the IR night vision light do?

The Infrared Light for Ghost Hunting is a powerful piece of equipment used for night vision IR illumination purposes. It is one of the best IR Lights on the market, and is incredibly powerful for its size.

This Infrared Light for Ghost Hunting has the handy benefit of a hot shoe mount so that you can attach it to pretty much any camera, video camera or GoPro. The hot shoe mount even lets you attach it to a tripod, which can be handy throughout paranormal investigations. It is incredibly powerful for its small and light size, which makes it perfectly transportable from one paranormal investigation to another.

The Infrared Light will last over 10 hours on one single charge. It was designed by paranormal investigators, specifically for ghost hunting purposes. The frequency of Infrared Light is just outside the visible spectrum with what we can see with the human eye. This makes the Infrared Light Illuminator a key piece of equipment, as it provides you with access to a whole realm which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Although it looks dark to you, your full-spectrum camera or camera with night vision capabilities will be able to pick up the IR light perfectly.

The video which is captured when using this IR light will appear in monochrome, with a tiny in either greenish, purple or black and white colour. This is because the cameras can’t see any light when they are in night vision mode, but will be sensitive to IR light, which has no colour.

If you are using a full spectrum camera, you have the added benefit of being able to see regular lighting, and also IR light and ultraviolet light. Full-spectrum cameras are becoming popular within paranormal investigation because of this.



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    Elizabeth R Thompson

    To say it only has 4 IR lights, it is powerful and works great. I’m happy and feel it’s worth the cost.

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