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Infrared camera light for ghost-hunting
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Camera night vision light for ghost-hunting
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Night vision IR camera light
Night vision light for ghost-hunting

Night vision camera light



The SpiritShack Small Infrared Light is the perfect compact IR light for use when filming in night vision. The light comes with a hot shoe mount, enabling you to attach it to your phone rig or camera easily.

What does the small IR light do?

This compact infrared light can be used both indoors and outdoors, but is especially suited for indoor use due to its small and portable design. It is great for any paranormal investigations in abandoned buildings when your ghost hunting or exploring urban areas with the possibility of paranormal activity.

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The SpiritShack compact IR light contains a 3W IR light which is both power efficient and incredibly bright and powerful. It runs on 2AA batteries which can be easily replaced, but lasts many hours. It has the added benefit of being dimmable, meaning you can adapt the brightness depending on your surroundings and your desired use.


  • Small & lightweight design
  • Easily Portable
  • Easily accessible on/off switch
  • Dimmable
  • Hot shoe mount for easy attachment to your camera or phone
  • Powerful for its size
  • Attach multiple other IR lights with hot shoe mounts
  • Easy to replace AA batteries

How does the small infrared light work?

The use of infrared cameras is becoming increasingly more popular within ghost hunting and paranormal investigation as time goes on. It is important to understand both the pros and cons of using infrared cameras throughout a paranormal investigation to assist you in buying the right pieces of equipment for your ghost-hunting needs.

Infrared cameras work by capturing infrared electromagnetic waves. These waves are higher on the spectrum than microwaves and radio waves, but lower on the spectrum than light waves (which are visible). Infrared cameras capture the low-frequency wavelengths. This allows you to see heat waves instead of light variations. Infrared cameras could therefore give you the ability to see paranormal entities.

There are some limitations to using infrared cameras. It is important to keep in mind that as humans, we also give off heat. This can be where some ghost hunters make the mistake of thinking they’ve caught a paranormal presence, when really it’s heat residue from another individual. Heat is much less transient than light. Light dissipates almost immediately after the source is removed, whereas heat may linger for an extended period of time even after the source is removed.

For example, if someone leaves a room, their heat signature may still be visible for an extended period after they have left the area. To amateur paranormal investigators, this signature may look mysterious. To the more trained eye, it would be clear that the IR camera is simply picking up that previous person’s residual body heat still lingering in the area. Furthermore, if an infrared camera is used around certain appliances or items which give off heat, you may also get a false reading. To avoid these simple mistakes, ensure you leave enough time after someone leaves an area before you begin to use the infrared camera in that area. Also ensure that any appliances that give off heat are turned off. Leave 45 minutes after either of these scenarios to ensure the area is clear, and you will get much more accurate readings.

How to use the night vision light

There are certain techniques you can use throughout a paranormal investigation when using the Spirit Shack Infrared Light to ensure you are maximizing your safety and increase your chances of encountering a spirit.


  • Runs on 2AA batteries
  • Low-power usage, batteries last a long time
  • 3W power

Ghost-hunting tips

1. Review the area

Due to most paranormal investigations happening at night, it is important that you become acquainted with the area you will be conducting the investigation in when it is light so that you become familiar with your surroundings. Mark off potentially dangerous terrain which would be difficult to navigate when it is dark.

2. Get the necessary permission

Sure, you might be absolutely dying to explore an area with reports of paranormal activity, but many of these areas will be private property. Make sure you have the permission to explore some of these areas. Ask for permission from property owners or the local police department. You may even need permits which could lead to some heavy fines if you ignore them.

3. Bring someone with you and carry ID

It is important to bring someone with you as a safety precaution when ghost-hunting and to never go alone. Always carry your ID with you in case you get questioned by any property owners or police.

4. Research the local history of the area

Researching the local history is by far the best way to determine any paranormal hotspots. Head to the local library, read old newspapers, research the internet. Gather facts such as names and reasons for death – this could be helpful throughout your investigation.

5. Clear the area

As aforementioned, it is important to clear the area at least 45 minutes ahead of time when using an infrared camera equipment or infrared lights. This includes both people and also heat-emitting objects.

6. Be patient

Paranormal investigations might not always fly off the hook within the first minutes or probably even hours. Keep level-headed, sit tight and wait patiently.

7. Scan the area

Scan the area with your infrared camera as slowly but efficiently as possible. Note down all items you see and their positioning. Making sure you are completely aware of your surroundings ensures you will notice any discrepancies throughout the investigation.

8. Set up your equipment and leave

Many ghost hunters and paranormal investigators find success when they simply set up their equipment including their infrared camera and infrared light, and leave the area. Set up infrared cameras in all corners of a room and leave then for several hours, you might be surprised at the results.

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  1. Rating

    Harvey Watson

    I have a good few infrared lights for my Sony camera but wanted to try something a little smaller for indoor abandoned explores and ghost hunts. This little IR light is perfect and doesn’t make the old arms ache after a few hours of carrying. More than powerful enough for my needs and the battery is still going strong.

  2. Rating

    Susan Webb

    Brilliant service from Spiritshack. Easy to find what I wanted and fast delivery.

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