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The haunted Kelvedon Hatch

The Hauntings And History At Kelvedon Hatch

Kelvedon Hatch, located in Brentwood, Essex, is a massive Cold War-era subterranean bunker and operations centre. The secret nuclear bunker is tucked away beneath the unassuming countryside. It was created as a Cold War command station for the British Prime Minster and UK Government officials in case a nuclear war occurred.
Boddewyn Castle, Rhyl, LL18 5YA

Bodelwyddan Castle: About The Hauntings And History

History Through The Ages Bodelwyddan Castle is a Grade II listed Victorian building found near the village of Bodelwyddan, Denbighshire, on the north Wales coast. It was originally built as a manor house for the Humphreys family of Anglesey in 1460. This historic fortress was later related to the Williams-Wynn family from the 1680s and remained in Sir William Williams, Speaker of the House of Commons, family for over 200 years! In 1805, the castle was remodelled into a Greek Revival style.
Littledean Jail Museum in the Forest of Dean

Littledean Jail Museum: The Hauntings And History

Our story for the most haunted gaol (an old-fashioned word for prison) begins on Church Street, just outside Little Dean in Gloucestershire, England. Where Sir George Onesiphorous Paul, a pioneer of prison reform, and hotshot architect of his day, William Blackburn, began the construction of Littledean Jail back in 1788.
Edinburgh vaults, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Vaults: The History And Hauntings

The Edinburgh Vaults, also known as the South Bridge Vaults, are a captivating part of Edinburgh's history. This labyrinth of chambers and tunnels beneath the city's streets provides a fascinating glimpse into the area's dark past. How did this historic underground complex come to be? The underground vaults were built in the 18th century as part of the South Bridge, a major structure that connects the Old Town and the Southside of Edinburgh.
Picture of a long tunnel in the hellfire caves

Hellfire Caves: History And Hauntings From Hell

We can't begin to dive into the twisted history of the Hellfire Caves - also called the West Wycombe Caves - without first looking at the Hellfire Club (sometimes called the "Hell-Fire Club"). The Club was founded in 1718 by Sir Francis Dashwood. It had several earlier names: The Brotherhood of Sir Francis of Wycombe The Order of the Friars of St.
Old gala house galashiels

The Haunted Happenings In And Around Old Gala House

Old Gala House, once the Lairds of Galashiels stately home, is an impressive building dating back to 1583. Nestled within beautifully landscaped grounds and shrouded in a quiet mystique, it holds a storied past within its walls. This historic home is a vibrant museum and gallery by day. It showcases the town's history, including its famous 'soor plooms' motto and its ties to the Pringle family.
Croxteth Hall and Country Park

Croxteth Hall: Haunted Happenings and a Spooky History

The Molyneux family were considered the oldest family in Liverpool. They made their ancestral home in Croxteth Hall, down Croxteth Hall lane, until 1972. They were the Earls of Sefton, and sadly, after the last Earl died, they could not find an heir to continue their legacy. This was a pretty powerful family until they met their natural end.
mayer hall bebington wirral

Mayer Hall: Exploring The Hauntings And Ghost Sightings

Originally built on the site of a village bakery, Mayer Hall has an interesting history that stretches back to 1878. While the building was privately owned for several years, it was soon established as a staple in the community. The Hall was gifted to the people of Bebington by the owner of the building and local philanthropist, Joseph Mayer when he passed away in 1886.
vane tempest hall, durham

Vane Tempest Hall: The Ghostly Hauntings Revealed

Vane Tempest Hall is located in Gilesgate, County Durham. It has a long and complicated history that dates back to the 1860s. The site was originally built as the Gilesgate Militia Barracks and served as a headquarters and barracks for several Army units. Over the years, Tempest Hall became a staple in the Gilesgate community.
margam castle margam, port talbot, wales

Margam Castle: A Creepy Haunted History

Margam Castle in Port Talbot has a fascinating history spanning thousands of years. The site of the castle has actually been occupied for over 4,000 years. In fact, some evidence suggests settlements from the Bronze Age and Roman occupation. Which only adds to its spooky allure! The ruins of the 11th-century Margam Abbey can still be found on the grounds.