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40w E27 UV fluorescent light bulb CLF lamp ghost hunting equipment
40w UV (Ultraviolet) light bulb E27 black light CLF lamp for ghost-hunting
40w E27 UV ultraviolet light bulb fluorescent paranormal investigations
40w E27 UV ultraviolet light bulb black light CLF lamp for ghost hunting

Ultraviolet Light Bulb 40w E27 UV CLF



The UV 40W E27 Straight Light Bulb gives incredible Ultraviolet illumination to the area in which you are ghost hunting or carrying out a paranormal investigation.

What does it do?

Ultraviolet light is a great addition to your equipment when carrying out a paranormal investigation. If you are using a full spectrum camera for ghost hunting, UV light allows you to see into a realm that cannot be seen by the naked human eye.

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Full Spectrum Cameras are often used by paranormal investigators whilst carrying out a ghost-hunting investigation, as it allows them to catch more visual evidence. It is thought that spirits or ghosts are possibly more visible in certain kinds of light, such as the use of spectrum-specific light, including ultraviolet.

This UV Lightbulb for ghost hunting is 40 w which makes it much brighter than a lot of other UV lightbulbs on the market which usually sit somewhere between 10w and 20w in brightness. These Spirit Shack Ultraviolet Lightbulbs are great value for money, and you can either plug them into a little lamp or even a standard light fixture.


  • Screw Bulb for easy compatibility
  • Small and easy to transport
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Emit a lot of light
  • It can be plugged into a portable lamp
  • It can be plugged into standard fixed light fittings (as long as E27 screw-in)
  • Much brighter in comparison to 10w/20w bulbs


  • Power: 220v-240v AC
  • Base: E27
  • Wavelength: 300400 nm
  • Main Wave Peak: 365 nm
  • Life: 8000 Hours
  • Appearance: Straight
  • Wattage: 40W

How does it work?

It has long been known in the forensic research area that UV light can highlight different organic materials and cancel certain colours, making the image sharper in contrast. This philosophy is what is being applied by paranormal researchers who are trying to find new ways to incite evidence of paranormal activity throughout an investigation.

The theory is that by narrowing the spectrum of visible light (e.g., using UV light), we may be better equipped to detect things that would otherwise go unnoticed when using full-spectrum white light (also known as ordinary white light). By using a UV Light alongside other lights, you are opening up your paranormal investigation to capturing paranormal activity or ghosts in any realm, even those unseen by the human eye. This could lead to more evidence of paranormal activity, and also possibly more conclusive evidence.

Using a UV Lightbulb for ghost hunting throughout your paranormal investigation literally opens you up to capturing evidence of paranormal activity from a whole new realm, as you are unable to see UV with the naked eye.

Many people will fail to use UV Light for ghost hunting while filming with a full spectrum camera for ghost hunting. To catch a ghost with a full spectrum camera, you require a source of illumination in the range of spectra. Without using an Ultraviolet Light for ghost hunting, you would not be able to catch non-luminous phenomena, as the entity would remain invisible.

We have tested a considerable range of different UV lights while on paranormal investigations, and we are certain that this is one of the best ones out there. It is versatile and easy to carry around with you, and you can plug it into a range of devices, whether that’s a lamp or a standard light fixture.

How to use it

The SpiritShack 40w E27 UV Straight Light Bulb can be used during the day or at night for your paranormal investigation. It will illuminate different materials and surfaces differently, such as a piece of paper as a bright white light, and other materials will go dark, almost invisible.

Simply load up this UV Lightbulb to a lamp or permanent light fixture for it to start working. The bulb is compatible with any E27 screw in fixture. If you are conducting your paranormal investigation over a large area, including multiple different rooms, then you may want to purchase different bulbs to have ones working simultaneously in different rooms.

If you are using the UV Light alongside a full-spectrum camera, make sure you are recording whenever the light is on. It is unknown among paranormal investigators whether the UV Light encourages the activity of paranormal entities, in which case you would want to be filming continuously whenever the light is on.

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    Spencer Marshall

    Bought this to help catch a ghost on video with my full spectrum camera, we have caught a few strange mists indoors for far. Thank you guys it works very well.

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