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EVP Spike Sensor

EVP Spike Sensor (Sound Meter)




The EVP Spike Sensor provides a real-time visual representation of EVP and audio spikes. It utilizes a susceptible sound sensor and an integrated microphone to capture audio spikes, which are then transformed into light signals and displayed on the screen. The resulting illuminated graph is colour-coded from green to red, enabling users to gauge the volume of the spike quickly.

Coloured Lights and Sound

The device has a ring of brightly coloured lights at the top. As it detects sounds and EVPs, the ring lights up in various colours from one side to the other. The different colours correspond to the loudness of the detected sound. For instance, a quiet sound may only light up the green section, while shouting can light up the entire ring, turning it red. The yellows and oranges represent sounds that fall in between these two extremes.

EVP Spike Sensor Features

  • An integrated microphone with high sensitivity for sound detection
  • A light display system that uses colour coding to indicate loudness
  • A spike detection and marking feature
  • A small, lightweight, and compact design
  • A rechargeable battery that has a long-lasting performance and is built-in

Adjustable Sensitivity Control

You can adjust the microphone’s sensitivity to your preferences. Depending on your surroundings and the ambient noise level, you may need to tweak the settings to achieve the desired level. There is a control knob located on the underside of the Spike Sensor allows you to increase or decrease the sensitivity.

30-Second Spike Indicator for Documentation

If the device detects a spike, the corresponding light will remain illuminated on the screen for 30 seconds. Providing ample time to observe and document if you missed it in real time. This feature is handy when recording or documenting the reading for evidential purposes.

Spike Has Friends!

There are currently three different spike sensors in the range, all with different sensors in. This is the EMF sensor, and there is the temperature and sound detectors too.



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