EVP Spike Sensor (Sound Meter)


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The EVP Sound Spike Sensor allows you to see EVP and audio spikes visually as they happen. Audio spikes are visualised using the extra sensitive sound sensor and built in microphone. Sound is converted into lights and is displayed on the screen. The lit graph is colour coded from green to red to easily indicate the volume of the spike.

EVP Spike Sensor Features

  • Built in sensitive microphone for sound detection
  • Colour coded light display to indicate loudness
  • Spike detection and marking feature
  • Small, compact and lightweight design
  • Built in rechargeable long lasting battery

Sound displayed with in coloured lights

The top of the device features a ring of brightly coloured lights. As the sounds and EVP’s are picked up, the ring will light up from one side to the other in a range of colours. The different colours indicate the loudness of the sound picked up. A quiet sound may just light the green section, whilst yelling may light up the entire ring taking it to red. The yellows and oranges are for sounds in the middle.

Adjustable Sensitivity control

The sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted to suit your needs. Depending on your location and the level of ambient sounds, you may need to adjust to find the right level. On the underside of the Spike Sensor there is a control know. Which you can turn to increase or decrease the sensitivity.

30 Second Spike indicator for documenting

If you get a spike, the spike will stay lit on screen for 30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to see it and document it. Just in case you didn’t catch it in real time. This is handy for documenting or video recording the reading so it can be used for evidence.

Essential counterpart to any EVP recorder or camera

The EVP Sound Spike Sensor is a great counterpart for your EVP recorder. You can watch the Spike Sensor whilst your EVP is recording, and spikes may indicate EVP’s you have caught. Allowing you to get a visual picture of the audio. Its super helpful in assisting in alerting you of potential EVP’s.

A good idea is to set this meter in front of a video camera with audio. You can potentially capture EVPs coming through the camera itself, and the video recording will allow you to see the levels as they happen for cross corelation of evidence.

Small, compact, lightweight and functional

It’s only 2” wide, and can easily fit into your pocket. The enclosure has a rugged ribbed design giving you a firm grip. Its built from a light 3D printed material for easy transport. It was built with all factors in mind and still provides a highly visible audio visualisation.

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