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You can see EMF energy spikes with this sensor as they happen! This powerful little detector has a built-in EMF meter to detect electromagnetic disturbances during your paranormal investigation. Just turn it on, adjust the sensitivity level to suit, and set it down. Once triggered, it will alert you with lights and sound. It then marks the last spike for a short while in case you missed it.

Energy Sensor Features

  • Built-in EMF sensor for energy detection.
  • Coloured light display to indicate signal strength.
  • Sound alert so you can hear when it’s triggered.
  • Spike marking in case you miss the live reading.
  • Small, portable, and lightweight.
  • Built in long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Real-time energy readings with lights and sound

On the top of the product is a ring of lights to show you live EMF readings. When the energy level changes, you will see part of the ring light up depending on the signal strength. A small spike may light a few lights, whilst a large spike will light more.

Small readings will not trigger the sound, but larger readings will. The tone and pitch changes depending on the level detected. The higher the level picked up, the higher the tone of the sound will be. Just ask the spirits to trigger the device to use.

Spike Has Friends!

There are currently three different spike sensors in the range, all with different sensors in. This is the EMF sensor, and there is the temperature and sound detectors too. Here are the links.

Adjustable Sensitivity Control

The sensitivity level of the magnetometer can be adjusted to suit your needs. If you are in a space with heavy electrical equipment, for example, the sensor may be giving you false positives. This is a perfect example of how the adjustment can help, just turn the sensitivity down. Or, if you are asking spirits to trigger it, and nothing is happening, turn it up.



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