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Ghostly Music Box


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The Ghostly Music Box combines motion detection and infrared sensors to detect and alert you of paranormal activity.

What does the Ghostly Music Box do?

The Ghostly Music Box is a sought-after and popular ghost hunting tool. This Creepy Music Box acts as a trigger object to allow ghosts and paranormal entities to let you know that they are with you. This is done by using advanced infrared motion detection technologies which can detect spirits very easily.

It is a unique and fun piece of ghost hunting equipment, and stands out because of its utilization of sound and light elements, making it a great piece of equipment to use either during the day or alternatively, at night. Many paranormal investigators love this piece of equipment and have seen some great results when using it. We have had a huge number of requests to release this product, and since we have, we have had nothing but good feedback.

Because of their popularity, this Ghostly Music Box tends to sell out incredibly quickly, so make sure to grab yourself one before we sell out!


  • Plays eerie music
  • Bright red light to see in dark
  • Because of sound and light element, it is easy to use in the dark
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Works in both day and nighttime
  • High-quality and build to last
  • Highly effective in attracting and detecting paranormal activity
  • Powered by 2x 9v batteries

How does the Creepy Music Box work?

When anything, whether it is of living or paranormal nature, passes in front of the SpiritShack Music Box, the red light bulb located on top of the device will light up, and the eerie tune will start playing.

This is an interesting tool to use and has got amazing results from paranormal investigations which have been carried out all over the world. It works also as a trigger object, meaning you can use it to communicate with paranormal entities by asking them yes or no questions, and asking them to trigger the device for certain responses.

Music boxes have been used for centuries in paranormal investigations as both trigger objects and for the benefit of an audible sound when a paranormal entity triggers the music. It will be triggered by anything which passes in front of the infrared motion sensor which is located on the front of the box. This motion sensor has a large range of over 10 degrees. Once triggered, the red light will come on for 5 seconds, and the music will play.

How to use the Music Box:

This SpiritShack Music Box is incredibly easy to use. The device only needs one 9v battery to work. Once the battery is loaded up, turn on the power switch on the side of the device.
In order to calibrate the device, make sure that you have “loaded” it with with two alkaline 9V batteries to work at maximum efficiency. Then, follow these steps:

  • Place the SpiritShack Music Box for ghost hunting on a flat surface
  • Point it at against a wall or a door that is within 16 feet/5 meters
  • Turn the box on using the switch
  • Leave the box for 3-5 seconds while it calibrates
  • Start your paranormal investigation

Point the Creepy Music Box in the direction in which you want to detect any energy, and make sure your team know where it is. Even the slightest movement will trigger it, so make sure that all of the other members of your team on your paranormal investigation are aware that it is there so that they don’t walk in front of it and trigger the device.

You can use the SpiritShack Music Box as a trigger object, meaning you are able to ask questions to paranormal entities, spirits and ghosts and ask them to trigger it in response. For example, you may want to ask “Is there anyone here who wishes to communicate, please trigger the box for yes”. Paranormal investigators have found this to be a good technique when communicating with ghosts and spirits, and have got some great evidence of paranormal activity when using the device this way.

This device is electronic, so shouldn’t be used outside or in environments where it may come in to contact with anything wet, like rain. Make sure to keep it away from water. This Music Box for ghost hunting with eerie music also does not work very well in extremely cold temperatures, so make sure to use it inside.

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    SJ Paranormal

    I love this music box it really is neat, it was going off all night on our last investigation

  2. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating

    Charlotte Hopewell

    (No comment left)

  3. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating


    This has a wide sensor not narrow like most. I like it since it komplements normal narrow pmbs. Hard to place upwards and swipe an arm for ex tho. Dont expect great accuracy. 4.5 really, it is one of my fav still, like the wide spectrum in certain areas

  4. Star RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar RatingStar Rating


    Great music box.

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