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ANC Mini for ghost boxes and spirit boxes

ANC-Mini (Adjustable Noise Control)




Improve the quality of your ghost box sessions with the ANC Mini adjustable noise controller. This product does not include a spirit box or Speaker, which can be purchased separately.

The ANC-Mini is an Adjustable Noise Controller that automatically removes white noise from your spirit box sessions, leaving only voices and responses. It is explicitly designed for ghost hunters and is compatible with significant ghost boxes like SBox, P-SB11, P-SB7, P-SB7T, and more, as long as they have a headphone jack.

Adjustable Noise Control

You can easily control the sensitivity of the ANC-Mini using the noise sensitivity buttons located on the front of the device. By reducing some of the white noise and static created by your spirit box, the ANC-Mini makes it easier to hear actual voices and responses. This is achieved through a complex software algorithm that adjusts the audio in real time.

Overall, it’s a valuable accessory for improving the quality of your ghost box sessions. If your spirit box has a 3.5 mm output or headphone jack, it should work with the ANC-Mini.

How to Use the ANC-Mini

  1. Connect the 3.5 mm Audio Output (usually headphone jack) from your Spirit Box Radio to the Audio Input on the ANC.
  2. Connect the 3.5 mm Audio Output from the ANC to your Speaker (an amplified Speaker with separate volume control is best).
  3. Press the RED Button until the required amount of noise is removed.
  4. Press the YELLOW Button to increase the noise level.
  5. To Reset the ANC-Mini, Press the RED & YELLOW Buttons together and hold for around two seconds.
  6. Includes Velcro to stick the ANC-Mini to the back of your Spirit Box.

How to Get the Most from Your Sessions

  • Find a quiet location: Choose a location free from external noise, such as traffic, people talking, or other distractions that may interfere with your session.
  • Use fresh batteries: Ensure the spirit box has new batteries to ensure a clear and strong signal.
  • Adjust the volume: Set the sound to a comfortable level, so you can hear any responses clearly without being too loud.
  • Ask straightforward questions: Speak clearly and ask specific questions. Avoid asking open-ended questions that could be interpreted in different ways.
  • Give time for responses: Give time for any potential responses after asking a question. Avoid interrupting or talking over any possible responses.
  • Document your session: It’s a good idea to record it through video or audio to review later and ensure that you have received all potential responses.
  • Analyse your recordings: After your session, analyse your recordings and listen for any potential responses. Pay attention to any sounds or words that stand out, and consider whether they could be responses to your questions.
  • Stay objective: It’s important to stay objective and avoid interpreting any sounds or words as responses if they could be explained by other means, such as external noise or interference.



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