Can A Ghost Trigger A Motion Sensor?

Your traditional motion activated sensor would be the PIR, such as the Ghostly Music Box, or the Flux 2. They send our infrared beams, which are invisible to the human eye. And if anything breaks those beams, the device is triggered. There are many similar models that detect the same thing but in a different way.

What triggers a motion sensor?

Motion sensors are triggered when the sensor itself is touched or moved, or if something move in front of the sensor. It depends on which type of sensor is in the ghost hunting device. Our touch activated cat balls for instance need to be touched or moved before it triggers and sets off. Our PMB (Paranormal Music Box) uses PIR, which means something needs to move in front of it before its triggered.

It’s better to have both types in use on all investigations, or when you can. So, using the cat balls and the music box together would make a good combination. Just remember to be polite when trying to communicate with the other side. The first reason is because you don’t want to upset a negative entity. And also because the ghosts are more likely to respond if you are polite with them. They were living people once upon a time.

What’s the different between PIR and motion sensor?

The PIR (passive infrared sensor) is a motion sensor, which detects any movement around it. Other motion sensors include our touch activated ones. Like the touch activated white teddy bear. Walking past the touch activated bear will not set it off, but touching it will. Many of them are similar but are triggered by different means. Such as motion, touch, vibration, EMF, static, sound. Like the EMF meter is not motion activated but it would detect a spirit walking past it. So technical it can still detect that.

Using multiple motion sensors

Sometimes its handy to use more than one, especially if you’re in a building with many rooms and corridors etc. You may want to use two or three in a large room all pointing in different directions. Or place multiple devices in different rooms or corridors to get maximum coverage. If one of them is triggered you can head over to that location and then use your EMF detectors or EVP recorder to try and get more evidence, knowing something is in the area.

Other types of sensors

As experienced paranormal investigators we know that its important to have good range of sensors. This is because a spirit might be able to trigger one easier than others. If you have a range of them. It’s more likely the spirit will be able to find one it can set off.

Another good one is the vibration detector, which detects loud sounds, and vibrations around it. They can be triggered by the vibrations of footsteps. Which in theory is set of by motion, but not directly. They are very sensitive and can often pick things up where other devices don’t.

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