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The GeoPort in action

What Is A GeoPort?

  What Is A GeoPort? Strange things happen when a curious mind becomes interested in the paranormal world. That includes the invention of new ghost hunting devices! And one such device is the GeoPort. GeoPort technology emerged as a key to unlocking communication with the other side. In this article, we'll discuss what a GeoPort is, how it works, and where to use it.
A woman using a pendulum

Are Pendulums Safe?

Pendulum dowsing can be a powerful and healing way to find clarity and make decisions. However, some people are still reluctant to this spiritual practice. If you're considering using a pendulum in your daily life, you'll be pleased to know that they are safe to use. However, there are a few important things you need to keep in mind before you start using them if you want to get the answers you need and protect yourself against negative energies at the same time.
Three people playing the Ouija board

The Rules Of A Ouija Board

If you are curious about the rules of a Ouija board, then you can stop searching. Ouija boards have long been a controversial subject, as they are often connected to negative spirits and events. There are also varying views on how to use a talking board correctly. But as long as you know and follow the Ouija board rules, you should be fine.
A person making an Ouija board

How To Make A Ouija Board

Intrigued by the mystique of the Ouija board? Then you aren't alone. Also known as spirit or talking boards, these powerful tools for spirit communication are extremely popular for speaking to the dead - particularly to loved ones who have passed. While store-bought boards exist, high-quality ones can be pretty expensive.
Inside an abandoned building using a Phasm ghost-hunting camera

5 Best Ghost Hunting Cameras For 2024

Cameras are to ghost hunters what water is to fish - they simply can't live without them! Okay, so maybe we're exaggerating. But it's only to make a point. Ghost hunting cameras are fantastic tools to have when you're trying to document picture, video, or even audio evidence of paranormal activity.
The K2 ghost equipment meter

7 Ghost Equipment You Need Before Hunting For Ghosts

Ghost hunting is an art. It requires time, patience and of course, the right ghost equipment. If you're just joining the world of paranormal investigators, your ghost equipment doesn't need to be complex or contain custom-built equipment. However, there are a few devices you're going to need to make the most of your adventures.
Ghost hunters using the K2 meter ghost finder

How To Use A Ghost Finder

Tracking down spirits can be a challenge, as they don't always want to be seen. Luckily, there are a few devices on the market you can use to figure out which room in your house may be haunted by a lost soul. These devices don't just track down ghosts; they also find hard evidence. And for those still struggling to decide whether ghosts exist, being able to use technology to pick up on some unexplainable clues might convince you.
Top 10 ghost-hunting tools

10 Best Ghost Hunting Tools

SpiritShack has everything you will ever need for your ghost hunting adventures. From beginner kits to more advanced ghost hunting equipment. At SpiritShack, we understand exactly what tools paranormal investigators need thanks to our keen interest in the paranormal world. Based on reviews from happy ghost hunters, we've put together a list of our top 10 best-selling tools, so you can put together the ultimate ghost hunting kit! 8 GB Digital EVP Recorder Amplified Vibrational EVP Microphone Black EMF Detector with Alarm Custom EMF Pump Portable Pocket Rem Pod HexCom Word Generator K2 Meter with Sound Full Spectrum Camera Light Professional Green Laser Grid Pen Ghostly Music Box Let's delve into the world of 5-star ghost hunting equipment and find out why customers recommend these products for spirit detection and communicating with the paranormal world.
A man playing some EVP recordings back

Using EVP Recordings In Ghost Investigations

Among all the tools, EVP recorders stand out, mainly because they offer a glimpse into the unknown. Many believe these recordings to be whispers from the other side.  This is why ghost investigations nowadays always feature an EVP recorder. Every eerie ‘voice’ or unexplained sound captured could be a tangible piece of evidence proving the existence of an afterlife, which is why these recordings can be so exciting for many.
A woman with bright auras around her

What Are Aura Glasses?

Aura glasses have, over recent years, gained a lot of popularity across the globe, becoming a "must-have" for fans of the unseen and mystical. People use them to "see" the auras of people and other living beings, such as animals and plants. Also known as aura goggles, these specialised eyeglasses give users a glimpse into the energies that emanate from living beings.