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A woman with bright auras around her

What Are Aura Glasses?

Aura glasses have, over recent years, gained a lot of popularity across the globe, becoming a "must-have" for fans of the unseen and mystical. People use them to "see" the auras of people and other living beings, such as animals and plants. Also known as aura goggles, these specialized eyeglasses give users a glimpse into the energies that emanate from living beings.
A woman using a pendulum board

What Is The Pendulum Board?

A pendulum board, usually circular, is a spiritual tool used in divination. When you pair it with a pendulum, this board features words like 'yes', 'no' and 'unclear.' Some even include 'maybe' or 'rephrase'. By holding a pendulum above it, you can seek answers to your burning questions. As the pendulum swings, it gravitates towards whichever word represents the answer.
four of the best ghost-hunting gadgets

The Best Ghost Hunting Equipment: A Complete Guide

In the stillness of the night, hidden away from the bustle of our everyday lives, a world exists beyond our senses. It's a world veiled in the supernatural, where whispers echo and apparitions await discovery. Whether a seasoned investigator or a curious newcomer, every ghost hunter understands the crucial role of equipment in their pursuit of the unknown.
Real ghost shadow figure in the living room

Ghost-Hunting Gear for Beginners

If you live for the thrill of the unknown and wonder what lies beyond the veil of our world, then ghost-hunting might be your perfect hobby! But perhaps you're here because you're curious about how to start. Do you need all those fancy and expensive ghost-hunting gear you've seen on shows like Ghost Adventure? Or are there more budget-friendly options for beginners like you? You don't need a boot full of paranormal equipment to experience the paranormal.
Top 10 professional ghost-hunting products

Professional Ghost Hunting Equipment

Hunting ghosts is different from your typical nine-to-five job. It's a thrilling, sometimes hair-raising journey into the unknown. No one ever said that ghost hunting was easy. Catching their elusive presence requires more than just a curious spirit. As a seasoned paranormal investigator, you know that more than most! Pro paranormal investigators need the right tools and equipment in their arsenal if they're serious about unravelling the mysteries of the supernatural.
Affordable ghost-hunting supplies

Budget-Friendly Ghost Hunting Supplies for Enthusiasts

Are you itching to dip your toes into the exciting world of paranormal investigation? You know - chasing ghosts, communing with spirits, and creeping around in the dark with all those nifty gadgets. Speaking of nifty gadgets, being a dedicated paranormal investigator often comes with a hefty price tag.
Old-fashioned ghost-hunting gadgets

Innovations In Ghost-Hunting Gadgets And Technology

The pursuit of psychic phenomena and spooky happenings have intrigued people for centuries. Over the years, this fascination has continued to grow. Thanks to the latest ghost-hunting gadgets. Now, modern ghost hunters have traded Ouija boards for high-tech ghost gadgets. Gone are the days when ghost hunters relied on their wits and a trusty notepad.
Man using an EMF meter to detect ghosts

Top-Rated EMF Meters For Ghost-Hunting

If you've tuned into spine-tingling shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, you might have noticed paranormal investigators using an EMF meter. In Ghostbusters, they had those flashy P.K.E. meters. But for real-life spirit hunters, it's important to have one or two EMF meters for ghost-hunting.
Thermal image of inside a haunted house

How To Use Thermal Cameras for Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunting has long been a pursuit for those intrigued by the paranormal. From trying to explain the unexplainable to unravelling the mysteries of the afterlife, some serious gear goes into this journey. Among all the gadgets ghost hunters use, the thermal camera is one of the most popular. Also known as thermal imaging cameras, they're like a window into the supernatural.
angel tarot card deck on a table with sage and a crystal

Angel Tarot Card Mastery: Tips for Better Readings

Angel tarot cards are a divination tool but are sometimes mixed with traditional major/minor arcana. Historically, angel decks are new compared to traditional tarot. The angel tarot card deck popped up in the 1800s, quite a while after the original deck (which appeared in the 15th century). The deck was created as a way to connect with ancient angelic beings or supreme angelic beings.