Using EVP Recordings In Ghost Investigations

EVP recordings

The Excitement Behind EVP Recordings

Among all the tools, EVP recorders stand out, mainly because they offer a glimpse into the unknown. Many believe these recordings to be whispers from the other side.  This is why ghost investigations nowadays always feature an EVP recorder.

Every eerie ‘voice’ or unexplained sound captured could be a tangible piece of evidence proving the existence of an afterlife, which is why these recordings can be so exciting for many.

What Exactly is EVP?

Defining the phenomenon

EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, is a huge part of ghost hunting. These are mysterious, often chilling, audio recordings believed to capture voices or sounds from the other side. While the human ear might miss these whispers during real-time investigations, EVP recorders can pick up these elusive sounds. This adds another layer of intrigue to paranormal activity.

The science and scepticism

The problem? Not everyone is convinced. Some scientists and sceptics argue that these sounds are products of radio interference, background noises, or even our brains’ tendency to find patterns in chaos. Projects like Joe Banks’ Rorschach Audio suggest that EVP might be a psychological phenomenon, where listeners interpret random noises as voices.

But, for many enthusiasts and paranormal investigators, the quest to communicate with the beyond continues, fuelled by each unexplained recording.

Tools of the Trade: EVP Recorders

The importance of specialised equipment

For ghost hunters, a digital voice recorder is a bridge to the unseen. Like a ghost box, these devices are designed to capture the faintest of sounds. These sounds are often beyond the range of human hearing.

Unlike regular audio devices, EVP recorders, like the Olympus Recorder, are tailored to pick up subtle sounds and frequencies. These might be communications from the other side, making them very valuable in the world of paranormal investigations. If you have a good quality recording device, you’re much more likely to capture those class A EVP recordings.

Can your phone be an EVP recorder?

With technological advancements, one might wonder: can you record ghost voices on your phone? There are apps designed for this purpose, but smartphones come with limitations. They can introduce interference and might not capture the full spectrum of sounds.

Although convenient, phones might not match the precision and clarity of EVP equipment.

EVP in Action: The Investigation Process

Setting up for success

To capture compelling audio evidence during a ghost investigation, you need a proper setup. This means a location with minimal external noise and interference. Ensure that all electronic devices in the area are either turned off or set to a mode that minimises disruptions.

The positioning of the EVP recorder is also important. Place it in areas where paranormal activity is frequently reported. This can increase the chances of capturing significant recordings.

Listening and analysing

Once the recording session ends, the process of listening and analysing begins. With headphones on, investigators comb through hours of audio, listening intently for unexplained voices or sounds. You need to approach this with a critical ear.

The thrill of capturing a potential spirit’s voice is unparalleled, but one must also consider other sources like radio waves or sounds from an unnoticed electronic device.

Enhancing Your EVP Sessions

Essential accessories

To improve the quality of responses or even ghost box recordings, you might need some accessories. Consider using external microphones that can capture a broader range of frequencies. Faraday cages can also be beneficial in reducing radio waves that might ruin the audio.

Also, using noise-cancelling headphones during playback can help. You’ll be more able to discern faint voices or sounds that might otherwise be missed.

Tips for clearer recordings

  • Location matters: Opt for places with minimal ambient noise. Historical sites or buildings with reported paranormal activity often yield intriguing results.
  • Time it right: Go for late-night sessions. They might reduce external interferences like traffic or human activity.
  • Limit electronic devices: Keep other electronic devices at a distance to avoid potential disruptions.
  • Stay organised: Label sessions by date, location, and time. This aids in tracking patterns or recurring sounds across investigations.

Notable Figures in EVP Research

Konstantin Raudive and his findings

Konstantin Raudive, a prominent EVP investigator, shaped the field of electronic voice phenomenon. His extensive research led to thousands of EVPs, with some recordings even bearing his name as ‘Raudive Voices’. His dedication inspired a generation of EVP investigators, cementing his legacy in paranormal research.

According to BBC writer, Jolyon Jenkins, Raudive said he “had established contact with Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and many other deceased 20th Century statesmen.” A claim which many refute.

Joe Banks and the Rorschach audio project

Diverging from traditional EVP enthusiasts, Joe Banks introduced a unique perspective with his Rorschach Audio Project. He proposed that the voices captured might be psychological, likening it to seeing patterns in inkblots.

Banks suggests that instead of communicating with spirits, EVP ghost hunters might be interpreting random noises as voices. He challenges the community to view their findings through a more sceptical lens. What do you think?


Are EVP recorders expensive?

Ghost hunting has evolved with technology, and so has the range of EVP recorders. Some advanced models with enhanced features can be pricey, but there are affordable options out there. It’s about finding the right balance between budget and desired features.

When was the first EVP audio recording?

According to most sources, the first EVP recording goes back to the 1950s. It was accidentally discovered by Friedrich Jürgenson, a Swedish film producer, while he was recording bird songs. This find ignited lots of interest in the field.

How do EVP recorders differ from regular audio recorders?

EVP recorders are designed for capturing electronic voice phenomena during ghost investigations. They often have extended frequency ranges beyond the human hearing range and fine-tuning controls. Regular audio recorders capture everyday sounds but might miss the subtle sounds EVP enthusiasts seek.

Are all sounds captured on an EVP recorder evidence of paranormal activity?

Not every sound on an EVP recorder indicates paranormal activity. Although these devices capture unexplained voices or noises, critical analysis is needed. Many sounds can come from radio interference, background noises, or psychological interpretations. It’s crucial to approach EVP recordings with both curiosity and scepticism.


The allure of EVP recordings has consistently drawn both professional ghost hunters and curious minds. Ongoing debates between paranormal encounters and psychological interpretations add intrigue to every recording.

As technology advances, so do the tools and techniques employed by the modern paranormal investigator. Yet, the goal remains the same: A quest to understand the mysteries that lie just beyond our grasp. As we go deeper into the world of ghosts, we must approach findings with both an open heart and a critical mind; constantly questioning and seeking truth.

So, ask yourself: Are the voices we hear remnants of the past, or simply echoes of our own subconscious?


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