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TriField TF2 Meter Ghost Detector
TriField TF2 Meter

TriField TF2 Meter



TriField TF2 EMF Meter

This is the new TF2 model with a perfectly clear backlit display. It offers a wide scope of identification and incorporates sound alarms.

The most recent model TriField TF2 is a condition of state of the arts EMF Meter which identifies the full scope of EMF changes in the environment including attractive, RF and electric. This is an expert high exactness device and permits you to screen all electromagnetic fields inside the climate. It is that delicate, it can even get the fragmentary measure of static electricity your body produces. On the off chance that you are needing to screen any kind of electrical sign, It’s certain to suit your necessities.

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TriField EMF Meter Features

  • Triple 3-axis Detection
  • Crystal sharp digital display
  • Adjustable light for low-light viewing
  • Different to track different sources
  • Sound alerts indicate signal strength
  • Weighted selection to differentiate source types
  • Detects AC magnetic, AC electric and RF/microwave
  • Recognizes man made EMF, low-level changes, and people or ghosts

The TriField TF2 EMF Meter was made for exact estimation and gives precise and clear readings. In the paranormal field, it’s fundamental we can detect utilizing accuracy, and can measure negligible changes. The TriField EMF Meter offers this and is right now perhaps the most precise EMF meter available. It will recognize everything from attraction, electricity produced via friction, AC electric and radio signs. All pressed into one expert-looking gadget. Spirits and ghosts generally discharge limited quantities of electrical unsettling influence, which numerous meters will not get. This will guarantee you discover everything going on around you.


  • Ghost Hunting and supernatural readings
  • Microwave oven leaks
  • Cell tower RF radiation and Mobile phones
  • Smart meter RF radiation
  • EMF emission inside motor vehicles and aircraft
  • EMF from wiring in walls and Location
  • EMF from plumbing pipes used as grounding
  • Ghost Hunting and supernatural readings
  • Bluetooth RF radiation and Wi-Fi routers
  • Transformer EMF emissions and Overhead AC power lines
  • Fridges, laptops, appliance EMF emission, electrical switch boxes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The TriField meter could not measure up to some other EMF Meter, it is at present a unique and is all that you can get in the paranormal field. It’s amazingly precise and touchy and will get readings and unsettling influences other meters will not.

  • Special frequency weighting mode for estimating electric flow from EMF in the human body
  • AC Electric Mode covers 40 Hz – 100 kHz with a range of 0.1 – 1000 volts per meter (V/m)
  • RF Mode covers 20 MHz – 6 GHz with degree of 0.001 – 19.999 milliwatts per square meter (mW/m2)
  • AC Magnetic Mode covers 40 Hz – 100 kHz with scope of 0.1 – 1000 milligauss (mG)
  • Detects a wide range of RF, Microwave, EMF contamination, AC magnetic and AC electric
  • AC magnetic measurements are 3-axis, considering speedy readings, paying little mind to meter orientation
  • Adjustable backlight illumination for use in low-light environments
  • Peak Hold catches quick heartbeats, for estimating quick computerized signals
  • Large liquid-crystal display (LCD) for completely clear, exact readings
  • Operates for over 20 hours on a 9V battery, with a low battery indicator
  • Audio Pointer produces sound that assists with pinpointing EMF sources
  • Weight: 0.51 lbs
  • Dimensions: 1.5 × 2.75 × 5.25 in

Directions for use

  1. Hold the meter in your hand while holding it on the two sides (Kindly don’t cover the sensors on the highest point of the meter)
  2. The dial is utilized to switch between estimating modes and is utilized to kill the meter when it’s not in use.
  3. Modes: For estimating the impact of EMF signals on the human body, utilize the dark blue modes. For estimation of the field strength, utilize the light blue modes. The red mode can be utilized for RF and any radio or microwave estimating purpose.
  4. The display will show the Field Estimation number and the units at the lower part of the screen. The Peak Measurement number is shown on the upper left close to the peak icon.
  5. To turn on the Sound Indicator, first eliminate the battery cover by sliding it descending. Press the audio button. Press the audio button again to turn the sound off.
  6. To turn on the backlight, first eliminate the battery cover by sliding it downward. Press the backlight button until the ideal brilliance is reached.
      When the battery life indicator at the upper right shows just 1 bar remaining, it is an ideal opportunity to supplant the battery. Remove the battery cover by sliding it and tap the battery compartment on the palm of your hand, so the battery falls out.

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    Mike J

    Best Buy! Must-have tool for going to open houses or flats hunting to find an EMF free home. Also, helpful for optimal bed placement. Safe levels are less than 1mG in the Magnetic mode. Make sure your bedroom, nursery, are safe. I’ve seen homes with regular power lines (non-high voltage) in front of 5mG+ in all areas. I also own the cheaper Orange coloured Chinese brand which is not accurate, avoid. This unit is worth the money.

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