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Rem Pod
Rempod ghost detector
Rem pod ghost detector
Rempod for ghost hunting

Portable Pocket Rem Pod



This Rem Pod static detecting meter is high-quality and very sensitive, making it perfect for ghost-hunting.

This Rem Pod is our most sensitive and portable version yet. It can detect anything from people, ghosts, spirits and demons. It has a range of 1 foot away from the antenna when it is at full length, in any direction. This new version has up to 40% more sensitivity surrounding the antenna than with previous versions, making it far superior. This is one of the lightest, most portable Rem Pods on the market, making it easy to transport from one investigation to another.

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This Portable Pocket Rem Pod can detect any spirit within your vicinity. It comes with a red light and a loud alarm sound, so you can hear it from a large distance away. The RemPod works by detecting static electricity, triggering the light and loud alarm sound, so you are sure to see it in all environments.

The design is small, black, and easy to transport. Although it does not have the same range as many of our other products, it is an easy and simple way to test if there are any energies within the area that you are conducting a paranormal investigation.

What Does It Do?

This RemPod is slightly different to our SpiritPod as it is less sensitive. It is also different to the K-II meter. It doesn’t detect EMF like the K-II Meter, meaning putting it near a plug socket or using it while the microwave is running will not trigger it. Furthermore, it works by detecting electrical energy, and will be triggered when anything at all breaks the EMF field that it creates.

“We would suggest purchasing multiple Portable RemPods”, you then can place them in different rooms, or various doorways. This means you would be able to catch a signal from any area within the home or establishment you are working in. Putting a portable Rem Pod in the doorway allows you furthermore to be triggered if there is a spirit coming and going from the space. This gives you insight into the preference in space of the spirits.

They are easy to set up and track, as the noise and light sensors are loud and bright retrospectively.

Main Features

  • Very high quality
  • Proven technique to work
  • Manufactured entirely in the UK
  • Simple on/off switch
  • Adjustable telescopic antenna
  • Detects anything living or dead coming into close contact
  • Responds with flashing light and loud alarm
  • Small & portable
  • Light handheld design
  • Requires a single 9v battery (not included)

How Does It Work?

All humans, animals, beings and spirits are made up of electrical energy. The Rem Pod can detect said energy, and will trigger when there is energy within the area to let you know that something is there. It can be used for spirit communication by simply asking the spirit yes or no questions. This allows you to see if the spirit is willing and able to communicate.

The Rem-Pod detects 1 foot around its mini telescopic antenna that has 360 degrees of reach. It radiates its own magnetic field, and alerts users when something breaks the field.

The device can be stood up and left on a table since the light is on top. This will allow you to simply leave it and walk away, but still see and hear when something is going on.

How To Use It

The REM Pod works by simply turning it on with the simple switch, and leaving it to do its magic. It works either indoors or outdoors, and its dark or well-lit environments. The Rem Pod is easy to stand up, and the flashing light is featured on top of the device, meaning you can see it from a large distance away.

This high-quality pocket portable Rem-Pod is incredibly easy and simple to use. It is a perfect, sleek piece of sophisticated equipment. It is suitable for the beginner to the advanced paranormal investigator. The Rem Pod combines technology which is used throughout multiple different products, combining to give you something lightweight, easily portable, easy to use and amazing for catching paranormal activity.

  1. Ensure the Rem Pod has a battery in
  2. Turn on the power switch
  3. Stand it upright in a place you can see the light on top
  4. Wait for spirits to trigger the device
  5. Or call out and ask them to activate it

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  1. Rating

    Megan Lloyd

    This is REM POD is a compact little powerhouse, it’s so sensitive and is deafening if your stood too close when it goes off. It’s ideal for leaving in different rooms while investigating. I bought a few of these and both of them usually get triggered on every investigation. Thank you SpiritShack you guys are amazing.

  2. Rating

    Daniel Nickson

    I haven’t used it yet, I’ll be trying it out this weekend. It seems good and hopefully, I get some good activity with it.

  3. Rating

    Rosemary Lynch

    Great little addition to our ghost hunting equipment! Already got some great footage using it.
    Research into the Paranormal Group

  4. Rating

    Jamie-Leigh Richardson

    Loud, efficient.

  5. Rating


    Love this piece of equipment, nice pocket sized for on the go. I have recently used this at Borley Rectory and got some great things. An amazing REM Pod highly recommended for all investigators on the go!

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